Would you like to say hello to your Korean fans?

I haven't played in any international tournaments in 2016. I'm glad and relieved to have at least come to All-Stars to say hello to the Korean fans. I want to keep performing well.


How does it feel to play in Europe again?

I visited Spain once when I played for Fnatic. The crowd was very energetic, and I left with great memories. I was happy when I heard this year's All-Stars would be held in Spain. As expected, the Spanish fans' passion is amazing. I'm grateful and happy.


Did you catch up with your old teammates sOAZ, xPeke, and Rekkles?

I'm on Team Fire and they're on Team Ice, so we didn't get to meet too often. But we're greeting each other every time we have dinner together or meet each other in the hallway. We are closer than others.


You've left Immortals. What's next for you?

I've signed a good contract with a good team. It hasn't been officially announced yet, though, so I can't tell you the details. [laughs] My new team has promised to treat me well, and I plan to live up to the organization's and the fans' expectations. Most importantly, I want to qualify for international tournaments again.


You won't play with Huni anymore.

It's a shame. We really tried hard to stay together, but it wasn't to be. We landed on good teams, though, so it's not that bad. I hope we can prove we both can play well without each other.


Any words you want to send Huni's way?

I've played with Huni for two years now, and our friendship goes even further back. He says I helped him out a lot, but in truth, it was the opposite. I'm grateful for having been with Huni. He carried me a lot. We'll keep in touch, obviously, and talking about the game... although I think that information exchange will go in my favor [laughs].

SKT T1 will bring a lot of pressure, but I hope Huni can maintain his work ethic to become Best Top KR.


What does All-Stars mean to you?

A good experience. We get to play on the new patch first. I hope to make it to next year's All-Stars as well. It's a really fun event!


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