Faker on All-Stars: "A chance to prove myself, as well as an event to wrap up the year."


Care to say hello to your fans back home?

I don't think I'm doing that well this All-Stars. My teammates are doing great, so I'm just riding along, getting carried. Please watch me continue to get carried.


Don't you think other Korean midlaners will be envious of you for always going to All-Stars?

They were envious at first, then got tired of being envious, I think. [laughs]


Thoughts on the 1v1?

Mata asked for the Yasuo mirror first, and I accepted without thinking that much. I know the fans were looking forward to it, but to be honest, I didn't. I had the gut feeling that I would lose. And I did end up losing.


How is it playing with this year's LCK All-Star team?

Last year's team had a calm, quiet atmosphere. In contrast, everyone is yelling and screaming in-game this year. I guess everyone has a lot to say, including me [laughs]. It's a bit crazy, but everyone is getting along great. PraY and Smeb really keep things upbeat.


Bjergsen remembered your Hourglass Rengar from last year. Any special things planned for this year's Assassins Mode?

I want to do something fun again, but don't have anything planned yet. I'll just pick on impulse.


The crowd was chanting your name a lot. Any words for the Spanish fans?

I've been to many international tournaments, and thankfully have been supported everywhere. EU and NA fans are always energetic, but I think Spanish fans are amazing. Their voices were the loudest [smiles].


What is All-Stars to you?

A chance to prove myself, as well as an event to wrap up the year. All-Stars is a place where you get to show off your class.


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