[LCK Summary Day 40 Review] Kingzone Securing 2nd Place. Hanwha Increasing Their Chances For Playoffs.

On the 5th at the Gangnam Nexon arena for the 2018 LoL Champions Summer Korea, Hanwha Esports won against Afreeca Freecs and Kingzone Dragon X won against bbq OLIVERS.

First on the 1st game of the day, Hanwha used SeongHwan’s prowess on Trundle to secure the win. With his ganking, growth, and teamfighting, SeongHwan displayed incredible amounts of play and lead his team to victory. In addition, Sangyoon demonstrated spectacular plays with Kai’Sa.

In the 2nd game, Afreeca Freecs was successful in their comeback. Although the early game went in the favor of Hanwha, Afreeca Freecs’ Tusin showed fantastic initiation with his Alistar. Alongside Kuro picking up early game kills with Vel’koz, Kuro was able to scale. Despite Hanwha securing Baron with impeccable timing and planning for the late game, unable to safely recall, Afreeca Freecs was able to ace Hanwha and even the score to 1:1.

In the 3rd game, as expected, it was a very close game. However in a large scale teamfight, Sangyoon’s Kai’Sa popped off. Gaining momentum and lead, Hanwha was able to secure 3 infernal drakes. With 3 infernal drakes, the power difference only grew. In the end, Hanwha was able to achieve the much valued win.

For the next 2 games with Kingzone Dragon X and bbq OLIVERS, Kingzone was able to defeat bbq and secure 2nd place. In the 1st game, Khan was able to solo kill Crazy’s Jayce with Gragas. This inspired the admiration for ‘Just Khan things'. In the bot lane, the PraY-rillA duo took control of bbq’s bot lane. By playing out the remainder of the game with ease, Kingzone Dragon X displayed an overwhelming win over bbq OLIVERS.

Same with game 2, the early game favored Kingzone. By redirecting and alleviating the dive in the topside from bbq, Kingzone was able to gain leads elsewhere on the map. However, due to bbq OLIVERS’ Trick ganking at a perfect time with Sejuani, bbq was able to even up the kill score to 3:3.

Despite all this, the lead went back to Kingzone. Bdd’s Ryze had fully scaled. Casually increasing the global gold disparity, Kingzone secured Baron and closed out the game. As a result, Kingzone was able to close out the 2nd game with precision.

 Series 1: HanwhaLifeEsports VS Afreeca Freecs < 2-1 >

Game 1 HLE (W) VS AFS (L)
Game 2 HLE (L) VS AFS (W)
Game 3 HLE (W) VS AFS (L)

Series 2: Kingzone Dragon X VS bbq OLIVERS < 2:0 >

Game 1 KZ(W) VS BBQ (L)
Game 2 KZ(W) VS BBQ (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 12-5 (+13)
2. Kingzone Dragon X 12-5 (+11)
3. Gen.G Esports 12-5 (+10)
4. kt Rolster 11-5 (+11)
5. HanwhaLifeEsports 10-7 (+6)
6. Afreeca Freecs 9-8 (+4)
7. SKT T1 8-9 (-2)
8. MVP 4-12 (-15)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 4-13 (-15)
10. bbq OLIVERS 2-15 (-23)

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