KZ Khan: "Since PraY is always good at landing Ashe arrows, when you see PraY play that well, you think to yourself ‘PraY was always that good’. As always, PraY is very sexy."

On the 5th of August (KST), Kingzone Dragon X took down bbq OLIVERS 2:0. Regardless of bbq’s relentless playmaking and aggressiveness, they could not keep up with Kingzone’s immaculate plays. Unlike previous games, Kingzone seemed in sync and flawless.

After the games, Kingzone Dragon X’s top and mid, Khan and Bdd, was interviewed by SPOTV.

¤ How do you guys feel about the win?

Khan: Because all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams are relatively close with one another, I wanted to win today 2:0. I am happy that we were able to accomplish the 2:0, and I will try my best to perform just as well in the remainder of the games.

Bdd: It feels good to win a clean game. I guess I have to prepare for the next game.

¤ So Khan, it turns out you have a lot of MVP points stacked up.

Khan: It is nice to get MVP, but I would not risk my life for it. I rather prefer my teammates receiving MVPs all around.

¤ In the first game, Khan, you played extremely well. What was the situation like after the solo kill?

Khan: Even in practice, I had a lot of experience beating Jayce with Gragas. I had the confidence. When Peanut came to chunk Jayce’s health at level 3, it really helped my lane a lot.

¤ Did you guys pre orchestrate the Camille Gragas comp?

Khan: Rather than us choosing Camille-Gragas because we thought it was good, we thought about the composition a bit later down the road. It turned out better than we expected.

¤ The accuracy on PraY’s Ashe arrow was amazing. As teammates when you see that kind of precision, how do you guys react?

Khan: Even when we make a play together, it amazes me. This all happened since last summer. If you saw another player play like that, you'd be amazed. Since PraY is always good at landing Ashe arrows, when you see PraY play that well, you think to yourself ‘PraY was always that good’. As always, PraY is very sexy.

Bdd: I am also used to it. Every time I look at PraY, he definitely has a whole nother level of sexy.

¤ Bdd, what are your thoughts on mid Ryze? He is a very inconsistent champion.

Bdd: Because I don’t need to go Rod Of Ages, the amount of damage I can dish out with Ryze increased. On top of this, since Ryze is able to go top and mid, he is a very good champion.

¤ Kingzone seemed to struggle a little bit in the early game, but you guys managed to recover.

Bdd: We didn’t discuss how behind we here. We discussed how we could come back or recover from that situation.

¤ In the 2nd game, Khan got tortured by the enemy team. How was it?

Khan: It is called the Diagonal Law. Because we put all of our focus on our bot side, I knew the enemy team would come top side.

¤ Overall, how do you guys think the game went today?

Bdd: In recent scrims, our synergy had gotten a lot better. Our performance in practice was directly translated in today’s game.

¤ With a very convincing win, it seems that Kingzone’s spirit has improved. Your next opponent is SKT T1. What are your predictions?

Khan: I feel like this Summer, you can lose to anyone and win against anyone. Without being careless, we will try to finish strong.

Bdd: It is a match we have to win. Preparing to the best of our ability, we will take down SKT T1 with a clean performance.


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    level 1 lolwaitasec

    Is there a word for being surprised and not surprised? If there is, that's the feeling I'll have if SKT beats KZ or vice versa. My money's on KZ, they've been performing really well. I'm sad SKT has been coming up short. These passed few games have been great, and they're only getting better.

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