HLE Sangyoon: "I just go in when my brain says yes to the play. When you play a lot, you get the gut feeling on when it is good to go in and when it is bad."

On the 5th of August (KST), Hanwha Life Esports defeated Afreeca Freecs 2:1. Despite Afreeca's aggressive early game draft and good macro, it was not enough to overthrow SeongHwan's jungle pathing and Sangyoon's increidble Kai'Sa carry.

After the games, HLE's jungler and ADC, SeongHwan and Sangyoon, was interviewed by SPOTV.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

SeongHwan: If we won 2:0, we would have secured our seats in the playoffs. It is just a bit unfortunate. Next time, we will make sure to win 2:0.

Sangyoon: Regardless of a 2:1 win or a 2:0 win, I am just relieved. It was a very meaningful victory.

¤ It is prevalent that you guys are showing fantastic teamwork. Was there anything specific done to achieve this?

SeongHwan: We made sure our coms were synced, and we also received feedback all together on a big TV screen. We all tried our best to match one another.

¤ You have practiced Rakan a lot, but he got banned 8 consecutive times before. How come you gave Afreeca Rakan and counter picked with Leona?

SeongHwan: Before whenever the enemy team gives us Rakan, we would pick it and lose. This is why we banned Rakan today. Because we knew we could counter pick Rakan with Leona if they picked it, we let Rakan open.

¤ Within the 3rd set, we saw you narrowly live after getting hit by Ezreal’s ult.

SeongHwan: At first, I knew I was not going to die. However, when the Ezreal ult was flying towards me, my heart shook because I thought I would die. I believe I had like 32 health after it hit me.

¤ Today, people are saying that there was yet another miracle Baron call. Who’s call was it?

SeongHwan: Although I don’t necessarily remember who’s it was, someone saw Cho’Gath’s movement and said that we could do Baron.

Sangyoon: Yeah, I don’t remember either. I know someone started the call, but we all spoke on it and agreed on the play. I really don’t remember who it was.

¤ The utilization of Kai’Sa’s ulti was amazing. How do you typically decide on how and when do use her ulti?

Sangyoon: It is hard to explain in words. I just go in when my brain says yes to the play. When you play a lot, you get the gut feeling on when it is good to go in and when it is bad.

¤ SeongHwan, you are incredible when it comes to looking for gank opportunities. How do you gank so well?

SeongHwan: I tend to go in to gank when I have figured out where the enemy’s vision is. I also plan my route according to whether the opponent has sweeping lens or a trinket ward.

Sangyoon: In my opinion, I don’t think SeongHwan is that good. The opposing team just seems very susceptible. Because he is getting interviewed, SeongHwan is trying to explain that he actually thinks while he is ganking (laughs).

¤ If you had to rate your Kai’Sa today?

Sangyoon: I had a lot of difficulties with Kai’Sa on our last Afreeca match. Despite this, I am extremely glad I could pick Kai’Sa and win with her today. I usually really like Kai’Sa. I’m just happy I got to win with her.

¤ Is there a special dinner menu for today’s win?

Sangyoon: Please check our social media. I'm not saying this to advertise our social media.

¤ You guys have only one game left to qualify for playoffs. What are your predictions?

SeongHwan: Since we never did perform that bad against kt, I believe we can beat them. I will do my best to prepare and crush them.

Sangyoon: In spring, we couldn’t go to playoffs because of 1 point. This time around, I will try my best to place 1st and go even further.

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    level 1 lolwaitasec

    I was rooting for AFs the whole time. HLE geniuely surprised me with that performance. A well deserved victory. Their next game with KT is gonna be exciting!

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