Mata: "I still think Uzi is the best laning ADC in the world."


Long time no see. How about a hello to our readers.

Long time no see indeed. Hello, I'm Sehyung "Mata" Cho and I play support.


You're returning to LCK.

I'm returning after two years abroad. I've learned a lot over my stay in China. I believe I will be able to use what I've learned to perform even better in Korea. I hope. [laughs]


This is your last event as an LPL player. Words for your Chinese fans?

It's my last time playing as a member of the LPL, but please don't be too sad. I'll do my best to perform well in Korea. Please keep on supporting me.


Uzi said he was going to miss you. Any words for him?

I've learned a lot from Uzi, and still think he's the best laning ADC in the world. I'm sad that I couldn't even play a year with him. I definitely did think of staying, and RNG made me a very good offer, but I decided to return to Korea in the end.


Thoughts on Deft and Uzi?

Both are fantastic players. I guess playing with Deft will be slightly easier due to communication being easier. Uzi probably had a hard time playing with me because my Chinese isn't great.


Any last words?

This is my first All-Stars since I became a pro four years ago. I hope to return as an LCK representative next year by doing well in Korea.


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