KT Mata: "Today, a lot of our fans probably had a mental quake, but we'll make sure to stick their mental back into their heads in our next match."

On the 2nd of August, at the Sangam e-Stadium, the 38th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KT Rolster defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-1. Despite losing game 1, KT remained focused and had completely out macro managed JAG in game 2. In the 3rd and final game, Smeb's clutch play on Gnar bought enough time for KT to recollect and make the final push for the win. 

After the series, the sole MVP titlist of today's series, Smeb, and Mata were invited for an interview with the OGN casters. 

Smeb, did you carry in game 2?

Smeb: I shouldn't have been the one to carry that game... so it doesn’t feel that great. (Laughs) I’m still happy that we won.

Mata: In game 2, I was constantly caught out, that’s why we struggled a bit. Teddy was really sharp when looking for opportunities.

In game 2, KT’s macro was really impressive.

Mata: It’s better to win without fighting -- but I now believe that it’s better to fight when ahead. I think we were very clean in game 2.

There was a very dangerous moment in game 3. What made you make the decision to fight 1 vs. 2?

Smeb: I fought with the confidence that I'll win.

Mata: Everyone on the team was exhausted from the game, so the comms were silent.

Smeb: My teammates said a lot of weird things during the fight… but I only focused on the situation at hand.

As the sole MVP titlist of this series, if you are to pick another player in KT who did well, who would it be?

Smeb: Everyone did well. All of them remained focused even when put in a tough situation. We’ll go back and do feedback regarding today’s match.

Pawn played a comeback game today but unfortunately lost. Why did Pawn start in today’s series?

Smeb: Recently, Ucal has been performing really well, but so is Pawn. It would’ve been nice to see him carry again after so long... It was unfortunate that didn’t happen.

How far do you think KT will go this season?

Mata: All top 4 teams in the LCK standings will drop to 4th place with a single loss. We’ll have to wait and see.

Do you feel that KT Rolster is a lot stronger than before?

Mata: We are more stable than before, but we’ll still have to share a lot more thoughts with one another.

Now, in order for KT to secure the Summer Playoffs Finals spot, you’ll have to win all of your remaining games. Your next two opponents are Hanwha Life Esports and MVP. How do you think the games will play out?

Smeb: There are no “weak” teams. We’ll make sure to prepare thoroughly for each game.

Any last words?

Mata: We have two matches remaining. If we do well, we can place 1st. We won’t let go of this opportunity -- I want to make good results. Today, a lot of our fans probably had a mental quake, but we'll make sure to stick their mental back into their heads during our next match. 

Smeb: If we move up directly to the Finals of the Summer Playoffs, it’d be KT Rolster’s very first in its history. We’ll do our best, fighting!

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