Uzi at All-Stars: "Mata tried really hard to teach us all he knew."


Would you like to say hello to our readers?

I'm Uzi from China. Nice to meet you. I'm happy to be doing this interview. [laughs]


The crowd seemed to like you a lot. How did it feel?

I'm so happy to be here in Europe. Fan support always makes me happy and energetic.


Most consider you China's best ADC.

My having played for quite some time now probably has something to do with it. And I think my young age also works in my favor. [laughs]


You will no longer play alongside Mata.

We haven't even played a full year together in China. It's very regrettable. But I hope Mata continues to do well in Korea.


Is there anything you would like to say to Mata?

I'm very grateful. Mata tried really hard to teach everyone else all he knew. I've learned a lot thanks to him. Good luck in Korea. 加油! [laughs]


What does All-Stars mean to you?

An opportunity to prove myself. While the event itself is not very competitive, you have to perform well in order to be sent here.


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