[Cartoon] "The Meta Redemption" Teemo making an appearance in the LCK.


This cartoon is on Teemo. The first Teemo in 2 years appears on LCK.

"Haha ha!". From the very start, the uneasing laughter spread through the LCK. In a meta of chaos, when no one is shocked on which champion appears, Teemo (a very little fluffy Teemo at that) was summoned by Griffin Viper.

2 years ago, Ssumday had picked Teemo. Resulting in a loss, Teemo had not been brought back into the LCK for an extended period of time. Between the time when Teemo was last picked, even amongst the community, Teemo was seen as a clear ‘Science’ or ‘Must Lose’ icon of more ridicule and insult than Yasuo himself. Regardless of all that has been said, Teemo somehow made its way onto the pro scene. It just exemplifies how the current meta is not only miraculously confusing but also ecstatic to watch.

Teemo’s appearance, let alone a win with Teemo... calming the shocked mind, it is exciting to look forward to what new champion will make a welcoming face onto the pro-scene picks/bans. Of course, I am also talking about that champion that starts with ‘G’.

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