[LCK Summer Day 35 Review] SKT Defeats Gen.G. KT Sweeps BBQ and Advances to Second Place

On the 29th of July (KST), SKT defeated Gen.G Esports 2:1 and kt Rolster swept bbq Olivers. 

The first match was against SKT and Gen.G. 

With each lane matchup even on the early-game, SKT managed to slay the Infernal Drake near the 10-minute mark. Soon, using Ashe’s ult, SKT gained first blood on Ruler’s Varus in bottom. A few minutes later, SKT attempted to slay the Rift Herald. Gen.G tried to stop them but Thal’s Kennen initiated a fight using his ultimate; Pirean’s Ryze joined and secured a double kill.

SKT started to snowball, but Gen.G fought back by killing Tahm Kench when the second Infernal Drake spawned. However, SKT widened the gold difference by starting to push Gen.G’s side lanes. After slaying their second Infernal Drake, Pirean killed Ambition’s Trundle near Gen.G’s top tier 2 turret. With Gen.G’s jungler killed, SKT turned immediately to Baron and secured the Baron buff. Although Gen.G managed to kill Kennen near their Red buff, SKT slew their second Baron using their split push advantage. They soon won a fight near Gen.G’s bottom tier 2 turret and closed down the first game.

On game 2, Fly’s Zoe picked up the first blood on Pirean’s LeBlanc. Gen.G seemed to gain the advantage in mid, but Thal managed to roam using Quinn and killed Zoe. The game started to snowball to Gen.G’s side after the skirmish near the Dragon pit. Zoe picked up another kill and the team secured their first Infernal Dragon. However, SKT again came back by gaining 2 kills near the Rift Herald. After winning this 2 vs 2, they slew the Herald and used in on bottom lane. This highly competitive and fierce game started to be favorable for SKT after winning a huge fight near the Dragon pit. A minute later, SKT snowballed again near Gen.G’s top lane by killing Ruler.

Similar to game 1, Gen.G did fight back. With Fly’s Zoe hitting 4 kills, he poked and pressured SKT. However, SKT managed to win a teamfight near mid lane and slew the first Baron. The game became one-sided. After destroying Gen.G’s mid tier 2 turret, SKT started to split push Gen.G’s side lanes. When SKT attempted to secure the next Baron, Gen.G killed Thal’s Quinn and stopped them. This time, Gen.G attempted for the Baron. However, SKT stole the Baron with Effort changing his spell to Smite using Unsealed Spellbook.   

Near the 42-minute mark, Gen.G succeeded a surprise Elder Drake hunt when SKT recalled. Using the buff, they won a fight near SKT’s Red buff. With a few of SKT’s champions killed, Gen.G advanced to SKT’s Nexus and tied the series.

With gaining first blood in early-game, Gen.G started to snowball early using their jungle / top advantage in game 3. They won a series of early-game fights and was on an advantage, but SKT caught up by winning a 2 vs 2 near their top jungle. Pirean also helped the team by killing Fly’s Aurelion Sol in mid.

After winning a fight near mid, SKT managed to claim the Rift Herald. They tried to snowball by split pushing using Thal’s Jayce. However, he lost a 1 vs 1 against Cuvee’s Camille. Meanwhile, the rest of the Gen.G players managed to secure their third Mountain Dragon. With the game quite even, SKT went for a Baron hunt. In the process, they managed to win a huge teamfight. With most of the Gen.G champions killed, SKT destroyed the Nexus and closed down the series.

The second match for the night was against kt Rolster and bbq Olivers.

With KT earning first blood on BBQ’s Swain, they started to snowball in early-game 1. The team killed Swain once again near the Dragon and managed to kill Azir near the Rift Herald. KT soon destroyed BBQ’s mid tier 1 turret.

BBQ fought back by killing Smeb’s gnar in top. However, Smeb sustained for quite a long time and while he earned time for his teammates, the other players destroyed BBQ’s mid tier 2 and bottom tier 1 turret.

BBQ did get a chance to hunt the Baron after killing Varus and Alistar. KT tried to stop them, but failed and gave away the first Baron to BBQ. The turning point for KT was when BBQ attempted to slay their second Baron. KT engaged for a fight and while most of the champions were distracted, Score managed to steal the buff. After the steal, they rushed into BBQ territory and destroyed the Nexus.

On game 2, BBQ had the slight advantage in the early game.  However, KT still managed to gain Dragon stacks. The game seemed even until the teamfight near Baron. The fight soon became favorable for KT.  With Deft's Tristana dealing enormous damage, he gained a triple kill. He hit level 18 and built 4 core items. Using their 'over-powered' Tristana,  KT destroyed BBQ's bottom inhibitor and won the game. 

Series 1: SK Telecom T1 vs. Gen.G Esports < 2-1 >

Game 1: SKT (W) vs. GEN (L)
Game 2: SKT (L) vs. GEN (W)
Game 3: SKT (W) vs. GEN (L)
Series 2: kt Rolster vs. bbq Olivers < 2-0 >

Game 1: KT (W) vs. BBQ (L)
Game 2: KT (W) vs. BBQ (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 11-4 (+12)
2. KT Rolster 10-5 (+10)
3. Kingzone DragonX 10-5 (+8)
4. Gen.G Esports 10-5 (+7)
5. Hanwha Life Esports 8-6 (+4)
6. Afreeca Freecs 8-7 (+4)
7. SKT T1 8-7 (+1)
8. MVP 4-11 (-13)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 3-11 (-14)
10. bbq Olivers 2-13 (-19)

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    level 1 ZakanSparta


    Where is Faker, damn it?!

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      level 3 Genryou


      As some things were reported and others are expected, he's still working, practising, improving and helping his team, although, this time, all behind the scenes.

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