SKT Pirean on the team's 5W / 1L in Round 2: "Blank knows quite well about the macro game; he makes a lot of the team calls and orders."

On July 29 (KST), SKT T1 (SKT) defeated Gen.G Esports (GEN) 2:1 in the LCK Summer split. The teams put up quite a fierce match; every game was highly competitive. However, SKT managed to show-off some of their clutch abilities in mid/late-game teamfights. After they gave away game 2, SKT defeated GEN in game 3 by winning a huge fight near the Baron pit.

After the match, SKT’s Pirean and Blank were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. What are your thoughts on the team’s victory?

Pirean: It’s good to win a solid team like Gen.G and a quality player like Fly.

Q. Gen.G is currently on second place. How did you prepare for the matchup?

Pirean: I usually feel pressured a lot on the day before the match. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that pressured yesterday since Gen.G is such a strong team. I felt comfortable when playing the game.


Q. You are in the starting lineup for round 2. How is it different compared to when you were starting from the bench?

Pirean: At first, I thought about only focusing on the matches I was able to perform. However, as the team kept on winning I started to think about winning my future matchups.


Q. Gen.G planned a 4-man gank near bottom lane. What came to your mind when you encountered them?

Pirean: I knew that they came when Zoe moved towards me. Since Zoe didn’t have enough AP resistance, I thought that I’d kill her. After landing my Q, I used E-Q when Zoe came forward.


Q. The team lost game 2. What did you talk to your teammates?

Pirean: The way we lost game 2 was quite similar to how we won game 3; we had the advantage at first, but our macro game wasn’t good. That’s why we talked about killing Zoe first in game 3.


Q. The matchup against Aurelion Sol was interesting. How was it?

Pirean: Sol is a roaming champion. That’s why I tried to focus on his roaming in the game.


Q. Blank, you look very happy.

Blank: It feels good that we’re currently on a winning streak. I would not have felt that well if we lost, but I think our effort paid off.


Q. You’re showing good teamwork with Pirean. How is it to play with him?

Blank: We communicate a lot while playing and I think we do make a good team.


Q. On game 3, you supported Jayce a lot.

Blank: I thought that ganking top would be easy. Well, I moved based on my thoughts and decisions.


Q. Are you receiving any help? I heard that Faker and Bang gives a lot of advice.

Pirean: I’m currently receiving a lot of help from my teammates. I feel pressured a lot, so once, Bang told me to hold his hands.


Q. How does the team call you?

Pirean: When our coach says, “Jun-sik!”, Bang and I both answer. Then he calls us by our full names. Well, it’s not that confusing when the players call me.


Q. What kind of help does Blank give to you?

Pirean: Blank knows quite well about the macro game; he makes a lot of the team calls and orders.


Q. What are your thoughts on your next matchups?

Pirean: Today’s match against Gen.G was really tough. But, after seeing the results of today’s match, I think we do have a good shot on our future matchups.

Blank: We will make feedbacks on today’s games and try to improve more for our next match.

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