[LCK Summer Day 33 Review] Competitions For the Playoffs Heats Up; SKT and Hanwha Secures a Win Each

On the 27th of July (KST), SKT T1-Hanwha Life Esports each defeated bbq Olivers-Jin Air Green Wings in the 2018 LCK Summer split day 33. 


Hanwha defeated bbq 2:1 on the first series of the night. They gained a kill from a mid gank by SeongHwan's Kindred. They soon got another kill in top lane and went ahead by destroying the mid tier 1 turret. 


Near the 15-minute mark, Hanwha managed to win a huge teamfight. With Lindarang's Gnar killing the opponent Cho'Gath in bottom, Hanwha was on the clear advantage of winning. After slaying their first Baron, Hanwha destroyed bbq's inhibitors. They safely secured the next Baron buff as well and won the game. 

On game 2, Hanwha's over-aggressive macro game backfired; bbq claimed a victory and tied the series. Going into the last set, Lava delivered solid performance on his Ryze. Lava started his game with an advantage by gaining a kill in the jungle area. On the 14-minute mark, he secured another kill. 

Tempt's Azir did put up a fight for bbq, but it wasn't enough. Using the Rift Herald, Hanwha started to destroy bbq's turrets. They soon gained vision control near the Baron and obtained the buff. Although bbq tried to fight back, Hanwha managed to assassinate Ashe and destroyed the Nexus. 

On match 2, SKT used Varus as a poking champion and won a competitive 50-minute long game 1. 

The highlight of the game was when the second Elder Dragon spawned. With SKT first attempting for the hunt, Jin Air quickly joined up to stop them from securing the buff. However, Blank was on-point with his Smite. After gaining their second Elder buff, SKT finished the game. 

Gaining some momentum from their tough victory, SKT started to dominate game 2 using Blank's early-game ganks. This gave some advantage to the laners; Pirean's Orianna started to aggressively push through mid lane and made a 30 CS difference against Grace's LeBlanc. Eventually, Bang's Ezreal also hit his power spikes by getting 7 kills. After slaying the Baron, SKT destroyed Jin Air's inhibitors near the 23-minute mark. With a kill score of 13:2, SKT swept the series. 

Series 1: bbq Olivers vs. Hanwha Life Esports < 1-2 >

Game 1: BBQ (L) vs. HLE (W)
Game 2: BBQ (W) vs. HLE (L)
Game 3: BBQ (L) vs. HLE (W)
Series 2: SKT T1 vs. Jin Air Green Wings < 2-0 >

Game 1: SKT T1 (W) vs. JAG (L)
Game 2: SKT T1 (W) vs. JAG (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 10-4 (+10)
2. Gen.G Esports 10-4 (+8)
3. KT Rolster 9-5 (+8)
4. Kingzone DragonX 9-5 (+6)
5. Afreeca Freecs 8-6 (+6)
6. Hanwha Life Esports 8-6 (+4)
7. SKT T1 7-7 (0)
8. MVP 4-10 (-11)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 3-11 (-14)
10. bbq Olivers 2-12 (-17)

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