SKT Blank: "Bang said that we can advance to 3rd place if we win every single match from now on. That made me more motivated."

SKT T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2:0 in the 2018 LCK Summer split day 33 match 2. SKT managed to extend their winning streak to 3. After winning a 50-minute long game 1, they dominated game 2 and closed it down near the 20-minute mark. SKT's jungler Blank delivered solid performance on his Kindred in game 2. 

The following is the interview with Blank. 



Q. How is it to be on a 3-game winning streak?

Although we are on a winning streak, we have some tough matchups left. We currently don't have high game points, so we need more wins from now on. 


Q. The performance in games 1 and 2 were highly different. Can you elaborate on the team's performance and your own performance? 

In game 1, I got myself killed. As a team, we had to pressure the opponent more. Using the feedbacks after the game, we were able to focus more on game 2. 


Q. It feels like the overall team performance has improved. Do you agree with this? 

The overall team performance did improve; the team chemistry is becoming better.  Also, my individual performance improved.


Q. What do you remember talking with your teammates after the match?

Bang said that we can advance to 3rd place if we win every single match from now on. That made me more motivated. 


Q. Trundle and Sejuani are becoming a tier 1 jungler these days. Why?

Well, they were already good champions. Overall, they are balanced and fits with any composition. 


Q. What are your predictions for your next matchup against Gen.G Esports? I'm looking forward to the jungle matchup as well. 

Gen.G Esports uses sturdy, solid compositions, so we'll need to study more about how to deal with it.  The opponent is playing well these days, so I'm going to prepare well and be ready. In the case of the jungle matchup, since Haru and Ambition have different styles, I'll have to prepare for both of them. 


Q. Any last words?

We are on a 3-game winning streak; I'd like to win every single match and advance to third place. We will get good results and qualify for Worlds. 

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