HongCono's reasons for retiring from professional Heroes


Yesterday, ex-Tempo Storm Daehyeong "HongCono" Lee declared his retirement from professional play through a drunk post on Heroes Inven. 

Hongcono, while refusing to explain exactly why he was leaving, shared that he was "tired from the constant uncertainty and insecurity" that had plagued him for a long time, and that it "wasn't just the alcohol talking".

Suggesting he would be pursuing a new career in a field not related to gaming, HongCono said he would still play Heroes from time to time, but would probably not stream. "Being a freelancer would suit my personality better," the player explained.

Promising a farewell stream of sorts with MVP Miracle Crazymoving sometime in the near future, HongCono signed off by thanking his fans for both cheering him on and putting up with his antics.

It has been confirmed through other channels that HongCono is serious about leaving Heroes.


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