Bjergsen: "Even when I'm eating, I'm going over midlane matchups."


Care for a quick hello to your Korean fans?

Bjergsen: Great to meet you. I had a great time playing Ranked there [laughs].


The crowd went wild over you.

Bjergsen: I was born in Europe, raised in Europe, and debuted in Europe as a professional player. I'm grateful to the fans here who are cheering me on.


Fans wanted to see you play against Faker, not with Faker, in Assassins Mode!

Bjergsen: It's always fun with Faker, whether against or with. We were also on the same team last year. Faker let me play Zed [laughs] and went Hourglass on Rengar.


How have you retained your status as the best NA midlaner for so long?

Bjergsen: I get this question a lot, but my answer stays similar. I always do my best and try not to fall into bad habits. If I make a mistake in a game, I make sure to watch the replay and learn from it. And I always am thinking about LoL no matter what. Even when I'm eating, I'm going over midlane matchups and how to teamfight with each champion.


Thoughts on the recent assassins rework?

Bjergsen: There's been a lot of changes, and I'm mostly positive about them. Zed, Fizz, and Talon feel a bit weak comparatively, while Katarina now has great potential, although she became more difficult to play. According to Reignover, some guy has been ripping apart games in Korea with Ghost-Flash Katarina. I also think Rengar and Kha'zix became strong jungle picks. As for balance, I trust Riot to solve it over time.


What is All-Stars to you?

Bjergsen: All-Stars is interesting. I wanted to say that it was enjoyable, but I've changed my mind. It's really great playing with the best players in the world in wacky fun event matches, but it's still not fun when you lose. So overall, it's interesting. But I do want to stress that I'm having a lot of fun here.


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