Generally Easy, Except for Xiang Yu - Returners Chapter 5 Bosses Guide


The combat power of the enemies in Chapter 5 of Returners is generally higher than that of the Chapter 4 stages, but the stages are not actually as difficult as they appear.

There are two main reasons for that. One is that players usually start to form fairly strong teams after Chapter 4. While Chapter 4 is a bit of a hurdle due to its sudden increase in difficulty, once you overcome the hurdle, it isn’t as difficult to continue on. It’s at this point where players tend to make it into the Platinum and Diamond Leagues, and they also start to focus more on obtaining gear through Raids, enhancing heroes through Special Dungeons, and acquiring rune bits for heroes rather than clearing stages.

While most of the Adventure stages before were fought with whatever heroes and gear you had on you, most players have reasonably strong teams and equipment when they reach Chapter 5. Gear and runes, in particular, make a significant difference when it comes to firepower and survivability, so having good ones really helps make progress go more smoothly.

In addition, bosses in Chapter 5 are relatively easier to deal with compared to the ones in Chapter 4 considering their preferred targets and skill sets. Two bosses prefer to attack the tank which makes the battle easy to manage the team’s overall HP, and most skills are mainly single target attacks rather than AoEs, so it becomes much easier if you have a healer support in the team.

Defend the support from powerful damage - Guan Yu in Stage 21

The overall combat power of Stage 21 Chapter 5 is 27,000 to 30,000, and the boss Guan Yu has the combat power of 16,354.

Guan Yu is a Disrupter Fighter and prefers to target a support. A support without good gear is often annihilated in the blink of an eye as the boss deals scaled up damage and also has a skill that does 2 times as much damage to supports.

The key to fighting against Guan Yu is the Able to Retreat feature. This allows a preferred target to run away while the enemy is chasing after him/her. The team can then use everything they have on the enemy for a considerable amount of time, making the whole fight much easier.

You also need to form a team that takes advantage of Guan Yu’s weak PHY DEF, high MAG DEF, and his skill that decreases the team’s MAG ATK. The main DPS should be a ranger since they won’t be affected by his debuff. Have one support in the team with increased HP and PHY DEF gear so that they can buy some time for other team members to deal damage while running away from the boss.

It is good to have at least one hero who has a movement decrease skill as well. Although bosses are not affected by severe CC skills such as taunt, stun, or knockback, debuffs like movement decrease and DEF decrease do work on them. With that in mind, a hero like Alice can help keep the support alive for a while longer by slowing down the boss’ approach.

Take advantage of Guan Yu’s support target preference
The boss’ PHY DEF is low, so using ranger will make the fight much easier.
A movement decrease debuff may help the support live longer


Your tank’s survival is the key to winning the fight - Rasputina and Alexander in Stage 22 and 23

Rasputina and Alexander, who appear in Stage 22 and 23, are not that difficult compared to previous bosses. This is because their preferred targets are tanks. Even though both heroes possess a skill that deals 2.5 times damage to tanks, most tank characters can hold out against it, and Alexander does not deal significant damage as he is a tank himself.

The necessary team composition against Rasputina and Alexander is a tank, healer support, and a group of ranged DPS. Both Rasputina and Alexander have an AoE skill and they primarily attack tanks, so it’s best to avoid using melee heroes since they usually group up and are thus vulnerable to AoE attacks.

The tank needs to prioritize survivability by increasing HP and MAG DEF against Rasputina, and HP and PHY DEF against Alexander. Since Rasputina is low on MAG DEF, you should use mainly MAG ATK heroes, and since Alexander is low on PHY DEF, you should use PHY ATK heroes.

HP management is relatively easier since the bosses attack the tank. Therefore, the Recovery card is better than Light of Healing since you can use it to focus your healing on the tank. If the healer support has a reasonably good gear set which grants a significant amount of healing, the Magic Shield or Steel Shield cards may work even better. In the end, these boss fights aren’t very difficult at all as long as you keep your tank alive long enough for the other heroes to take down the boss.

Rasputina and Alexander’s preferred targets are tanks, so they’ll keep their focus on your tank the whole battle
It is important to keep your tank alive with healing tactic cards


Jumong; The faster the better - Xiang Yu in Stage 25

In Stage 25 of Chapter 5, the boss is a 40,000 CP Xiang Yu. This boss the most difficult of all bosses in Chapter 5 and there are a couple of reasons for that.

First, Xiang Yu is a fighter with considerably high basic attack damage that is enhanced even further as a boss. In addition, all of his skills deal AoE damage - Overlord Strike attacks in fan shape, Overlord Roar deals damage to surrounding enemies and decreases their PHY ATK, and Deathblow dashes towards a target, deals AoE damage, and knocks up heroes.

Having a group of ranged DPS heroes is a perfect solution to avoid these AoE attacks. The boss’ preferred target is ranged DPS, and one of his skills called Overlord Strike deals double damage to ranged DPS, so it is extremely difficult for them to survive. Mages are not a viable choice since Xiang Yu has high MAG DEF.

Xiang Yu is difficult to take down due to his AoE skills, PHY ATK decrease debuff, and high MAG DEF


Although he seems like an impregnable fortress, he can be taken down if you are quick enough.

Jumong is a must against Xiang Yu. It may seem counterintuitive to use a ranged DPS hero against a boss that deals extra damage to said heroes, but Jumong actually balances that out since he deals extra damage to melee DPS heroes. Jumong is also the best choice because Xiang Yu is weaker to PHY ATK damage.

Furthermore, Jumong’s Divine Intervention allows him to keep Xiang Yu at a distance if he’s being chased down, and the Able to Retreat feature can also give him some more time to run away.

Sun Wukong is also a viable option since she can decrease Xiang Yu’s PHY DEF, and Medusa is a good support choice since she deals increased damage to melee DPS heroes. Medusa even more effective in combination with Alice because of her MAG DEF decrease, and she also possesses a movement decrease debuff which can help Jumong keep his distance from Xiang Yu.

Cleopatra can use an evasion buff which increases Jumong’s survivability. Since Jumong is essentially used as a tank in this scenario, no tank hero is really needed. If you still want a tank on your team due to them having good gear, then Siegfried or Richard the Lionheart are recommended since they have more firepower.

The Steel Shield card is a good one to take for this fight. This increases Jumong’s DEF dramatically which makes him last longer against Xiang Yu’s attacks. Siren and Panacea can double his survivability with their healing skills. The remaining card slot can be filled with either Broken Weapon, Magic Shield, or Hero Time to boost up your firepower

The popular hero Jumong is called upon once again
Use Sun Wukong to increase Jumong’s firepower or Medusa and Alice to deal more damage
Steel Shield protects Jumong from devastating attacks


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