xPeke: "Everyone is chanting my name on sight."


Care for a quick hello to our readers?

xPeke: Annyeunghaseyo. I hope you're having fun watching All-Stars.


Spain. How does it feel to play in front of your home crowd?

xPeke: European eSports fans are always very energetic. I think the home fans are rooting for me extra hard because I'm Spanish. Everyone is chanting my name on sight. This kind of support really gives me a lot of energy.


Why did you shy away from the Teemo 1v1 against Aphromoo?

xPeke: I had played Teemo 1v1 against Aphromoo before, but blinding each other and running away until the next blind was very boring [laughs]. I didn't want to do that again, so picked a different champion this time.


Thoughts on playing with your old teammates?

xPeke: I've played with everyone on the EU All-Stars team except for Jankos. It's been really fun to play with them again, although my level of play isn't what it used to be [laughs].


What would you attribute your lasting popularity to?

xPeke: My fantastic fans. I'm a really lucky player. I try to interact with them as much as I can through social media.


What does All-Stars mean to you?

xPeke: Enjoyment. You get to care a bit less about winning here. It's an interesting environment in which you're just having fun with your teammates but also still wanting to impress the fans.


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