Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Card Reveal! Homage To Dr. Boom. Hunter Legendary: Boommaster Flark And Goblin Bomb.

Inven Global has obtained 2 new cards to reveal from the new upcoming Hearthstone expansion: The Boomsday Project.

The first card is a Hunter Class legendary: Boommaster Flark. With a 7 mana cost and a 5/5 body, Boommaster Flark’s battlecry is to summon 4 ‘Goblin Bombs’.

Now, the summoned Goblin Bomb is a 1 mana 0/2 and belongs to the ‘Mech’ tribe. Its effect is “Deathrattle: Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.”.

Reminding everyone of the infamous Dr. Boom, Boommaster Flark has incredibly low stats for a 7 mana cost minion. However, once played, Boommaster Flark is able to relatively fill the board and pressure the opponent.

In addition, the quintessential factor that must be considered in regards to Goblin Bomb is the new Magnetic mechanic. With 4 Goblin Bombs on the field, these pesky bombs are difficult to remove without taking considerable backlash unless cards such as Psychic Scream or Mass Dispel is used. Even force removing the Goblin Bombs with the threat of them magnetizing with other Mechs, the 8 damage to your face is not a number you can easily ignore. These bombs become rather difficult unless your deck is specifically tailored towards healing or armor gain.

Very similar with how Dr. Boom is played, Boommaster Flark is expected to flourish in beatdown or mid-range decks that want to apply an incredible amount of pressure in a single turn. If the meta favors towards Mech Hunter, it would seem that this Hunter legendary will be able to either swing the tides of a game or put the nail in the coffin.

The most important point to consider is the potential the unrevealed upcoming Mech cards and how the meta will shift with the new expansion. When recapping successful Hunter decks in the past, with the exception of niche archetypes such as Spell Hunter and Recruit Hunter, the decks mainly consisted of mid-range and aggro/tempo. Therefore, as long as stronger Mechs are added to Boommaster’s theme, the utilization of this legendary will only increase.

Even if there is a good Mech Hunter deck that is centered around this card and even if other popular Hunter decks are unsuccessful, Boommaster Flark is most likely to be considered another one of those ‘it is just an okay or decent card’.

Although Boommaster Flark’s Goblin Bomb tokens are hard to make use due to its 0 attack, a beatdown ‘Magnetic’ focused deck can apply a ridiculous amount of pressure with the bombs. It is safe to assume that this card will be used mainly for the threat and pressure of multiple Mechs magnetizing on the following turn Boommaster Flark is played.

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