sOAZ & Jankos offer a few thoughts on the new patch


Following their defeat in the NA vs EU all-star showdown, Paul "sOAZ" Boyer and Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski came to the press room to field a few questions.


What teams are you looking to face off against?

sOAZ: Smeb, Impact - all toplaners here are very good players and will be fun to play against.

Thoughts on the toplane meta for this patch?

sOAZ: The meta still mostly revolves around botlane. Toplane should still see a lot of tanks, and players will primarily look to do well in teamfights with those tanks.

Which junglers are strong this patch?

Jankos: Lee Sin can put massive pressure across the map and is top tier. Hecarim is also solid because he jungles fast and scales well. Assassins like Rengar and Kha'zix look good too.

Any champions you think are particularly strong right now?

Jankos: Caitlyn hurts a lot after her buffs. Ryze is also still OP.

sOAZ: Rek'sai is tricky to play against because you never know where she's going to come from. I think the meta is still fluctuating, however, so it's difficult to pick out strong champions.

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