GEN Fly's Message to Score: "I hope you’ll use your Smite like that against us too."

On the 22nd of July, Gen.G Esports (GEN) defeated Afreeca Freecs (AFs) 2:1 in the 2018 LCK Summer split match 2.

With AFs winning a 46-minute long game, the series proceeded to the second game. Game 2 was a highly competitive one until the 27-minute mark where Gen.G Ruler’s Varus picked up a triple kill near AFs’ red buff. After this teamfight, GEN marched to the opponent Nexus and closed down the game. In the last game, Ruler again delivered remarkable performance with his signature, ‘traditional ADC’ pick. Also, Fly was solid on his Orianna; his Shockwave near AFs’ bottom tier 3 turret was exceptional.

After the match, GEN’s Ruler and Fly were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.

Q. The competition for the postseason is highly intense. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Ruler: I’m happy to win such an important match. I think I’ll have to practice even more.

Fly: It was an important match-up; it’s such a relief that we’ve won.

Q. Gen.G is delivering good performance every match these days. People say that Gen.G has its own unique and solid playstyle. What are your thoughts on this?

Ruler: I think it is possible because we believe in each other. I feel this every match.

Q. Fly seems to appear in important situations and save the team with delivering good performance.

Fly: I don’t know about that. I only try to focus on doing my best; I don’t really remember the specific situation. Still, I do feel good to hear that.


Q. I heard that the team turns off the air conditioning during games. 

Ruler:  We turn off the air conditioning while playing games since it might freeze our hands.


Q. Not only the team’s in-game plays were good, but the pick & bans were interesting as well. The team picked traditional ADCs, Varus and Ashe which are rather unstable picks in this current meta.

Ruler: I was a bit concerned. That’s why I focused on my survival while playing the game.


Q. You lost in game 1. What did you talk to your teammates after the game?

Fly: I was quite angry after losing game 1. That’s why I didn’t talk. I was just listening to my head coach and coach.


Q. Were there any situations that you regret in game 1?

Ruler: I don’t remember what I did in game 1.

Fly: When we gained some kills in bottom lane, we used our summoner spel1s and got ganked.

Ruler: The team calls were kind of hard to hear. From now on, I hope that we make our calls a bit more louder and clearer.


Q. Your Ashe’s ultimate in game 3 was indeed something to remember. Was it anticipated?

Ruler: When I practice these days, my Ashe’s ult is on point. Well, I had such a hard time in game 1, so I thought that it wouldn’t work out for today. Fortunately, game 3 went well.   

Q. Ruler seems to stick with the ‘traditional’ ADCs. Is it because of the high win rate? Or are you just good with those champions?

Ruler: Frankly speaking, I’ve practiced ‘non-ADCs’ a lot. It did work out, but personally, I prefer traditional ADCs.

Q. On game 3, Fly wasn’t ganked throughout the whole game. Is there a tip for your plays?

Fly: If it’s solo queue, it’s hard to evade ganks. Well, if you’re playing duo with a jungler, you can safely play since your jungler will tell you where the enemy jungler is at. 

Q. So, does this mean that Ambition told you where the enemy jungler is at?

Fly: Um… I’m not so sure about that...


Q. After Zoe learned her ult, she managed to aggressively trade damage against you. However, your Orianna countered back quite well. Was this prepared beforehand?

Fly: Lane phase against Zoe is all about what kind of spell she earns with her W skill. However, this time, she didn’t get effective spells. That’s when I thought that I’ll win her in lane phase.


Q. Your next matchup is against kt Rolster. How will you prepare?

: To, Score. I hope you’ll use your Smite like that against us too.

Ruler: If we stick to what we've been doing, we can win. We’ll practice and prepare a lot.

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