Korean SC2 community enraged by OGN's IEM Gyeonggi timetable


The Korean StarCraft 2 community has been ablaze today since OGN's timetable for IEM Gyeonggi was released. What caused the controversy was not the timetable, but this disclaimer below it:

▲ "SC2 Ro16 & Ro8 matches will be closed off to the public."


Despite OGN's previous announcement - that they would not provide shoutcasters on site for the SC2 Ro16 & Ro8 - many Korean SC2 fans had still been looking forward to cheering on their favorite players from the beginning of their tournament run. A number have refunded their tickets for Goyang in protest, and a much larger crowd is expressing severe disappointment online.

In contrast, all League of Legends Ro8 matches will be opened to the public, free of charge.

▲ "Main tournament & finals: Goyang Gym"


Fans also found issue with OGN's framing of the Ro16 and Ro8 as mere preliminary stages, arguing that all preliminaries for the event had already been played: the one in which over 60 players had to fight for 12 spots. It should be noted that in Korean, "qualifying" and "preliminary" are usually expressed using the same word, and thus are not as distinct concepts as in English.

Many eyes are on how OGN and/or ESL will respond to the SC2 community's negative sentiments at the press conference tomorrow.


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