Smeb on Why KT Is Strong Against GRF: "Our team specializes in macro management, whereas Griffin specializes in fighting. I think that difference is bringing these results."

On the 21st, the 28th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the first series of the day, KT Rolster defeated Griffin with a score of 2-1. Throughout the series, Smeb was often targetted by the enemy team. However, he was able to endure those attacks; heavily contributing to his team's success. 

The following is an interview with Smeb.

How do you feel about your victory?

It was very hard-fought. I'm glad that we won. 

Today's match was your second series against Griffin. What went well, and what didn't?

In games 1 and 3, the flow of the game was in our favor. However, we could've finished both of those games sooner than we had. I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't have a clean finish. In game 2, I was almost certain that I could've carried... it's a bit regretful that I couldn't. 

The enemy team constantly tried to kill you.

In game 1, I knew that the enemy team was going to try and target the toplane. Therefore, I did my best to play passively; but they really weaved through my predictions, despite how passively I played. That's why in the next game, I played with the mindset of not giving a single opening to the enemy team. I think we did a great job of negating their strategy. 

Out of Griffin's 3 losses this split, 2 of them are from KT Rolster. Why do you think that is the case?

Our team specializes in macro management. On the other hand, Griffin specializes in fighting. I think that difference is bringing these results. 

Next week, you're scheduled to play against Gen.G Esports and Kingzone DragonX. Do you feel any pressure at the thought of having to play against them?

Both GEN and KZ are definitely strong teams. Everyone playing will feel pressure. We'll make sure to prepare well and win.

After patch 8.4, the picks and bans seemed to have gotten a lot more interesting and diverse. Have you prepared any surprise picks?

A wide variety of champions have seen play recently. I believe that with enough understanding of certain champions, any one of them can see play on stage. We have also prepared a surprise pick for ourselves. 

Any last words?

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Deft on winning the MVP title today. In addition, I think we won today thanks to Score. Despite having had Baron stolen multiple times, he didn't mentally collapse -- that in itself is quite impressive. He also led the team today. I want to thank him.

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