[LCK Summer Day 27 Review] The Rise of the Bottom Teams, JAG and bbq Each Takes a Win

On the 20th, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 27th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the first series of the day, Jin Air Green Wings had dropped a set to MVP. However, JAG maintained their aggressive playstyle throughout the series and closed it out with a score of 2-1. As for the following series, bbq Olivers defeated Afreeca Freecs with the same score of 2-1.

During the first game of the first series, JAG was able to secure their victory by snowballing through their stable macro management. In game 2, MVP began the process of an impressive comeback through Yondu's kill and Baron secure. After securing the next Baron, MVP tied the series. 

Despite the loss, JAG maintained their focus for the 3rd and final game. In the early game, JAG's botlane was able to turn an enemy's gank into their double kill. Whenever MVP made a move in an attempt to secure an advantage, JAG took something bigger in exchange. After taking down the Baron with ease, JAG laid waste to MVP's base. 

In the following series, bbq took the first set through their tanky team composition. In the second game, however, AFs tied the series by taking a perfect victory over bbq, by snowballing through every single lane. 

In the final set, bbq Oliver came out on top. In the early game, despite having taken the first blood, AFs wasn't able to widen the gold gap between bbq and themselves. Later on, bbq took the lead against AFs by focusing Aiming's Vladimir. After securing the Elder Dragon, bbq headed top; where they took a large teamfight victory to close out the series. 

Series 1: Jin Air Green Wings vs. MVP < 2-1 >

Game 1: JAG (W) vs. MVP (L)
Game 2: JAG (L) vs. MVP (W)
Game 3: JAG (W) vs. MVP (L)

Series 2: bbq Olivers vs. Afreeca Freecs < 2-1 >

Game 1: bbq (W) vs. AFs (L)
Game 2: bbq (L) vs. AFs (W)
Game 3: bbq (W) vs. AFs (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 9-2 (+11)
2. Gen.G Esports 8-3 (+7)
3. kt Rolster 7-4 (+6)
4. Kingzone DragonX 7-4 (+5)
5. Afreeca Freecs 7-5 (+6)

6. Hanwha Life Esports 6-5 (+4)
7. SKT T1 4-7 (-5)
8. MVP 4-8 (-8)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 3-9 (-11)
10. bbq Olivers 2-10 (-15)

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