BDO KR Patch Notes July 19th - Protty Cavern and Sycraia Underwater Ruins added



Mysteries of Summer challenge has been extended by 1 week and the difficulty of the quests will be lowered.
  -  Terrmian Waterpark event has been extended by 1 week as well.
  -  The amount of [Event] Terrmian Pearls you can obtain through the event quests and Challenge will double.
  -  [Event] Deficient Meat : 30 Beef > 5 Beef
  -  [Event] The Immobile Stone : Blood Ruby > Rough Ruby
  -  [Event] Fire Resistant Gloves : 50 Clear Liquid Reagent > 5 Clear Liquid Reagent
  -  [Event] Glove used by a Blacksmith : 50 Supreme Hide + 50 Flax Fabric > 3 Ox Hide + 10 Flax Fabric
  -  [Event] To capture the Essence of Water : 100 Distilled Water > 20 Distilled Water
  -  [Event] Memory of that Day : can be accepted anytime of the day
  -  [Event] Unfinished Mission : Defeat 100 Pirates > Defeat 50 Pirates
  -  [Event] Essence of Darkness : Iliya Coral > Iliya Salt Jar
  -  The life interval of the NPC with whom you can claim the Purple Greed with in the quest [Event] Purple Greed has been prolonged extensively.
  -  [Event] Magnetic Field quest will now be accepted with an item received as a reward for completing the 5th stage of the floating platforms of Terrmian Waterpark.
  -  Drop rate of Red Mercury, Samoga’s Molar, Obsidian Dust, and Golden Mirage has increased.
  -  Red Mercury: 80 times higher drop rate
  -  Samoga’s Molar: 25 times higher drop rate
  -  Golden Mirage: 80 times higher drop rate
  -  Obsidian Dust: 80 times higher drop rate
  -  Heavy Draught will be craftable at all Alchemy levels.
  -  For those who completed the Mysteries of Summer quests before today’s maintenance, a maximum of 150 million silver and 3 Fine Accessory Boxes will be rewarded depending on the progress of the quests.
  -  The special in-game Titles for completing Spirit, Darkness, and Light Stages will only be given out to participants who have cleared the relevant stages before today’s maintenance.
  -  [Event] Tear of Repentance x10 will be available for 1 Loyalty Point before next week’s maintenance.

New rewards have been added for the Grand War, the Conquest War begins event.
  -  From July 19th to August 2nd
  -  Reach Level 60 Achievement that you can complete within the event period has been added. (Available once per account)
  -  The rewards are gear set (236 AP/348 DP) that can be used for 14 days.
  -  If you have reached level 60 before the update, you will automatically complete the Achievement when you log in.
  -  In order to open the reward box you must have 34 empty inventory slots.

4th week of Summer Sales
  -  From June 28th to August 2nd
  -  This week’s special sales are Marine Romance costume set.

3rd Anniversary Event
  -  From July 19th to August 9th
  -  Check out the special sales and receive a free pet.

3rd Anniversary Event #2
  -  From July 20th to August 30th
  -  Receive 3rd Anniversary Coupons and daily play hour rewards.

New Event: Call of the Sea! Beginning of the Underwater Adventure
  -  From July 19th to August 16th
  -  An event-exclusive daily quest that you can obtain the materials for Epheria Sailboat/Frigate has been added.
  -  Dadum Dadum Diving Suit (7 days) will be available for 1 Loyalty Point. (Purchasable once per account)
  -  Collect new items in the new grind spots and exchange them with valuable items!



Fixed the issue where Black Spirit’s Rage was not being recovered when defeating enemies using the following summoned creatures.
  -  Wizard: Marg, Arne
  -  Witch: Tett, Gorr
  -  Tamer: Heilang
  -  Mystic: Dragon’s Pit
  -  Defeating enemies while on Siege weapons like cannons, Hwachas, and Flame Towers will also recover Black Spirit’s Rage by 1%.

Fixed the issue where the effect of the damage being inflicted for the followed skills was not being displayed under the perspective of both the one being attacked/observer.
  -  Ranger: Tearing Arrow II
  -  Maehwa: Petal Drill
  -  Kunoichi and Ninja: Suicide Fall
  -  Ninja: Flash Bondage
  -  Dark Knight: Repeated Annihilation, Scarring Slash



Fixed the graphical issue of Atanis Helmet that occurred with certain customizations.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the issue where Scarring Slash did not deal damage properly when the skill was used after Vedir’s Dogma.



Fixed the issue where the skill Spiral Cannon would be activated upon pressing Shift + RMB after using the skill Knee Hammer.



The text ‘Available with Cestus’ has been removed from the skill tooltip of the skill Wolf’s Frenzy



New Accessory Tungrad Ring has been added.
  -  Base Stat: AP +6, Accuracy +2
  -  Item Effect: Self-collectible Black Spirit’s Rage +10%
  -  Enhancement Effect: AP +3, Accuracy +2 at each level
  -  Obtainable at Sycraia Underwater Ruins

New Alchemy material Essence of Abyss has been added.
  -  Obtainable at Underwater Ruins.
  -  Material for Draught of Rampage

New Draught, Draught of Rampage has been added.
  -  Item effect: Additional AP to monsters +20, All Accuracy +12, Max Stamina +200, Recovers +3 HP per hit, All DP -15, Critical hit damage +10%, Max weight +100LT
  -  Duration: 15 minutes
  -  Cooldown: 10 seconds
  -  Draught of Rampage can be crafted via Simple Alchemy.
  -  Materials: Essence of Abyss x1, Elixir of Demihuman Hunt x3, Elixir of Frenzy x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1
  -  One blue Elixir can replace three green Elixirs.
  -  When the effect of Draught of Rampage is on, the effects of other Elixirs except for Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Deep Sea, Khalk’s Elixir, Perfume of Spirit, Whale Tendon Elixir, and Tough Whale Tendon Elixir will not be applied.

Fixed the issue where Lantern Oil could not be purchased from general goods vendors.

The name of Sailor Contract has change to Sailboat Sailor Contract.

New Frigate Sailor Contract has been added.
  -  Obtainable at the Amity Shop of the Calpheon Territory Worker NPCs (4 types available)
  -  Amity Shop will open when your Amity with the NPC is over 500. When you buy a contract, Amity points will decrease by 500.
  -  Tarte in Gavino Farm : Tarte and Human Sailor companion
  -  Khaora in Falres Farm : Khaora and Dwarf Sailor companion
  -  Bracant in Trent Village : Bravant and Goblin Sailor companion
  -  Berocchio in Northern Wheat Plantation : Berocchio and Giant Sailor companion
  -  Each sailor will increase different stats for the Epheria Frigate.

Sailor Contract for Skilled/Professional Frigate Sailor has been added in NPC Tirol’s (in Dias Farm) Amity shop.
  -  Amity shop opens when your Amity with Tirol is over 500. Amity will decrease by 50 each time you purchase a contract.
  -  You can renew the contract by right-clicking on the contract.
  -  When you renew the contract, the contract will be extended for 24 hours. You can extend the contract for a maximum of 7 days.



The name Beginner Node changed to Normal Node.

The names Normal (Medium Tax), Normal (High Tax), and Conquest Node changed to Conquest Tier 1/2/3/ Node.
  -  The Conquest Eligibility system will be applied for the Node Wars for Normal and Tier 1/2/3 Conquest Nodes (All guild members can participate in the Conquest War regardless of the Conquest Eligibility.)

Two former Normal(Medium Tax) Nodes from each territory have changed to Tier 3 Conquest Nodes.

The amount of tax you can get when you conquer a node has changed.

The amount of tax increases in the below order:
  -  Normal - Conquest Tier 1 - Conquest Tier 2 - Conquest Tier 3

Conquest War rules have changed.
  -  In order to participate in the Conquest War, a guild must own 2 Conquest Nodes, regardless of territory and tier.
  -  If a guild owns more than 2 Conquest nodes, the guild can build Fort/Command Post/Field HQ starting from the next day.
  -  Conquest War will start at 20:00 on every Saturday and will end at 24:00 (maximum).
  -  Tax wagon will depart at 18:00 instead of 19:00 on every Saturday.
  -  Balenos/Serendia Conquest War: The guild/alliance that survives will win. If two or more guilds/alliance are alive at 24:00, the territory will be liberated.
  -  Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia Conquest War: The war will be held for two hours by default. The war will be extended for 30 minutes if the first castle gate is destroyed, and will be extended for 30 minutes again if the second castle gate is destroyed. (The same rule will be applied for the Militia.)
  -  If the first castle gate is not destroyed until 22:00 or the second castle gate is not destroyed by 22:30, or the defending guild’s Command Post/HQ is not destroyed until 23:00, the Conquest War will end with the defending guild’s victory.
  -  If the defending guild’s Command Post/HQ is destroyed before 23:00, the war will be extended for an hour and will be held until 24:00 at max. The remaining guilds on the attacking side will battle against each other until the final winner is determined. If two or more guilds are alive after 24:00, the territory will be liberated.
  -  All players in the attacking side will be recognized as allies, but will be able to attack each other if they turn on the forced PvP option.

The system where the attacking side collects some portion of the territory tax in every ten minutes has been modified.
  -  The guilds in the attacking side can obtain some portion of the territory tax. (20% at max)
  -  The total amount of obtained tax will be determined by the time when the opposing side’s Fort/Command Post/HQ is destroyed.
  -  If multiple guilds/alliances participated as the attacking side, the tax money will be allocated among the guilds.
  -  For example, if three guilds participated as the attacking side, each guild can receive 6.66% of the total obtained tax.
  -  If the defending side failed to defend and one guild in the attacking side becomes the final winner, the guild will receive all the territory tax excluding the security budget and the other guilds will not be able to receive the tax that they obtained.
  -  If the defending side failed to defend but the territory is liberated, all guilds in the attacking side will not be able to receive the tax that they obtained.
  -  The maximum amount of tax the attacking guilds can bring to them will increase as the guild that owns the territory is occupying the same territory for longer period.
  -  1st week : 20% of the territory tax not including the security budget
  -  2nd week : 22% of the territory tax not including the security budget
  -  3rd week : 24% of the territory tax not including the security budget
  -  4th week : 26% of the territory tax not including the security budget
  -  5th week : 30% of the territory tax not including the security budget
  -  For example, if the defending guild is occupying the territory for 5 weeks in a row, the attacking guild can collect a maximum of 30% of the territory tax.

Horses cannot jump anymore if their weight is over 100%.

Chances of obtaining all types of items when gathering with Magical Manos gathering tools have increased by 30%.

Item obtain chances from gathering will be displayed on the item tooltips of Magic gathering tools and Lucky gathering tools.

Fixed the awkward display of the description regarding shallow dig in the item tooltip of Magical Manos Hoe.

When your Gathering Mastery is over 100, the chances of obtaining the base results will increase by 80%.

Fixed the issue where Weeds could not be obtained from some resources.



Entrance to Protty Cavern, a new grind spot, has been found in Weita Island.
  -  The recommended AP for Protty Cavern is 170. The entrance is located in Weita Island.
  -  You must be aware of the powerful continuous smash attack of the Kaaz Protty.
  -  The Protty monsters have slow movement speed.
  -  The cavern is dark. A lantern is recommended.

New grind spot Sycraia Underwater Ruins has been added in the ocean floors of Arsha Sea.
  -  The recommended AP is 230. The entrance is located underwater, so you must dive to enter the area.
  -  You must dive for a long time. Using an item or a costume that increases dive hour limit is recommended.
  -  If you use Memory of the Deep Sea item on a special device located in the Sycaria Underwater Ruins, you can enter the Sycraia Abyssal Ruins.
  -  The recommended AP for Sycraia Abyssal Ruins is 280. Eye of Sycraia Deep Sea will inflict attack/casting speed debuff, so you must destroy it first.

New Field Boss Sycrid has been added.
  -  Sycrid does not spawn spontaneously. You must combine Scale of Ancient Creature (obtainable at Sycraia Underwater Ruins) to create Statue of Ancient Creature to break the ancient seal. Sycrid will appear in an empty space near the Underwater Ruins 30 minutes after the ancient seal is broken. (Sycrid can only be summoned once per week via a weekly quest.)
  -  Sycrid will be invincible when it is first summoned. After killing all the Sycracs that Sycrid summoned, you will be able to attack Sycrid.
  -  Even if you are not the one who summoned Sycrid, Sycrid can still attack you.
  -  If Sycrid reaches a certain area, it will despawn and all players who participated in the battle will be able to obtain items. (The top 20 players can obtain items.)
  -  Sycrid drops Tungrad Ring, Ancient Seal - Red Fragment, Ancient Seal - Black Fragment, etc.
If you are killed by Sycrid or Sycracs, death penalty will be applied.
  -  Only one Sycrid can be summoned at a time and there will be a brief cooldown before summoning another one.

World Boss spawn schedules for some world bosses have changed.

Fixed the issue where premium characters could not do PvP in the Battle Arena when World Bosses have spawned.

HP of World Boss Mirumok Destroyer Offin has changed.
  -  Root of Offin, Offin, Offin Tett : HP decreased by 30%
  -  Offin’s Shield : HP decreased by 50%

Graphical effects of the skills that the Griffon summoned via guild mission or weekly quests have changed to white color.

King Griffon will appear on the Hunting monster lists next to the mini map.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed the error in the quest description of guild mission [Subjugation] Protect the Villagers.

Additional Cargo of the Falasi Family for the [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness quest has been placed.

New quest where you can obtain Skilled/Professional Frigate Sailor has been added.
  -  You can accept the quest from Philaberto Falasi in Epheria.
  -  Skilled Sailor: 1000 or above Amity, Sailing level Skilled 1 or above, has a normal sailor contract in your inventory
  -  Professional Sailor: 1000 or above Amity, Sailing level Professional 1 or above, has a Skilled sailor contract in your inventory.

The amount of guild skill exp that you can get from guild missions has increased.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

New NPC Shayla has been added in Iliya Island.
  -  If you press the “warm-up before swimming” button, you can spend 20 Energy and get a swimming speed +59% buff that lasts for 5 minutes.

Blacksmith, general goods vendor, and money exchange NPCs have been added in Protty Cavern.

Blacksmith and general goods vendor NPCs have been added in Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

A Griffon that moves from Velia to Iliya Island has been added.
  -  You can use the wooden box that the Griffon is carrying as a transportation from Velia to Iliya Island (or vice versa).
  -  The Griffon will depart from the station after staying for 3 minutes.
  -  Velia location: Near the western entrance of Velia
  -  Iliya location: Near the northern entrance of Iliya



Fixed the error in the sentence that appears when you hover over Gathering Mastery - Tanning and Butchering.

Black Desert Lab button in the main menu will be more noticeable.

Fixed the awkward display of some sentences in the my profile UI.

When you click on the x button in the box that appears when your Value Pack/Blessing of Kamasylve/Merv is less than 3 days left, the message box will not appear again in the same day.

When you are transporting a character to another town using the Disconnect menu, the list of your characters in the drop down menu will be displayed in the “Character Name(Level)” format.

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  • 0

    level 3 ReymuuS


    Haha PA actually gave up balancing and are going to leave the classes in this shit sorry state. Probably shouldn't have tried rebalancing the classes if you guys only had unimaginative monkeys who has no clue about the game since they don't actually play the game as well as if you're only going to give up half way through and leave class balance in a worse state that it previously was. Well I guess this is the point where players give up on BDO like their own f***ing devs did.

    • -1

      level 2 Frank


      Are you stupid? Why do you think they have created the test servers?

    • 0

      level 1 Q_GST


      The servers they did not used in the first place ?

      Because they break the game first and act like it's ok.

      Since then , no communication, no apologies.

      Just a game not enjoyable on LIVE servers.

    • 0

      level 2 Frank

      @Q_GST Is this your first mmo? They are still balancing WoW and that has been around for quite a bit longer than BDO... If you only obsess over pvp in a sandbox game then you're doing it wrong. Game is hardly broken.

  • 0

    level 2 GrimLadrian

    Is Tamer able to farm in the new under sea area, or Heilang is still afraid of water ?

  • 0

    level 12 Tiri


    > The recommended AP for Sycraia Abyssal Ruins is 280.

    Ugh, wow!

    • 0

      level 2 GrimLadrian


      Apparently, no one can grind there. Mobs deals too much damages. That's what Mambo said on his stream, i don't know if thet tried to farm in party.

    • 0

      level 12 Tiri


      May be, may be. I have watched KIMO's video, he has ~250+ ap and he can grind (carefully). There are a few people 280+ ap in our server (RU) but... looks like it is a party grind location as you said. Something like extreme version of Hystria or Gyfin Rhasia Temple.

  • 0

    level 1 IlIlllIlI

    Sooo much toxiticy even on invenglobal ... All posts all i see toxiticy ...

    BDO forums toxic , Redit toxic , Inven toxic ...

    Nice updates , can't wait to go for 200% . This will change the game pvp like hell ... 300% u use rage buff + 200% skill op af especially on ranger :3

    Thx again for posting the news , even if i never write cause toxic kids will start flame my comms i'm reading all of your posts .

    Also the crow i won from pet giveaway is still with me :3

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