[Cartoon] Aatrox Returns With Popularity (Garen: “Now you’re bailing out!?”)


The popularity of LoL champions is changing dramatically in this current game’s casual and pro scene. With numerous ongoing reworks and patches, Aatrox has become one of the most popular champions among LoL users.

Despite his aggressive character before the rework, he was thought of as a “new champion” since he was barely used in LoL and its pro scene. His sudden rise of popularity might have been too much; the reworked Aatrox has been already nerfed. Also, some have been criticizing his new appearance and details. However, the new Aatrox will likely hold the fans’ attention for a while longer, since people in the pro scene are experimenting to see how viable he is.

We do not know whether he will manage to survive the harsh competition in the LoL scene, but if he does, it may inspire hope for other unpopular champions. As is the case with all the other 141 champions, Aatrox’s future is yet to be known.

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