Tungrad Ring, the New Top Tier Accessory, Added to BDO KR: Better Than Ring of Crescent Guardian

A new accessory, Tungrad Ring, has been added to Black Desert Online KR on July 18th. The Tungrad Ring has +6 AP and +2 accuracy as its basic stats, and also comes with Black Spirit’s Rage +10% as an item effect. It is dropped in the Sycraia Underwater Ruins, which you can check in the ‘Item Drop Information’.


Tungrad Ring has the same accuracy as the Ring of Crescent Guardian, another high-tier accessory, but comes with 1 more AP, and is increased by 3 AP and 2 accuracy each time it is enhanced. When enhanced up to PEN (V), Tungrad Ring comes with 21~21 AP and 12 Accuracy, which is 1 point higher than PEN: Ring of Crescent Guardian.

Tungrad Ring is dropped in the Sycraia Underwater Ruins, a new grinding spot in Arsha Sea. The recommended AP for Sycraia Underwater Ruins is 230 AP, and you can only go to the place by diving and going through the entrance to the Underwater Ruins. Also, a new summoned field boss, Sycrid, drops the Tungrad Ring as well.


▲ Left: PEN (V): Tungrad Ring
Right: PEN (V): Ring of Crescent Guardian
▲ Left: Tungrad Ring.
Right: Ring of Crescent Guardian


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    level 1 Hemuk


    [ Deleted Comments ]

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      level 1 Cario


      nice math

      because 20+20+10+10+10+10 = 200


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    level 1 Massacrul

    Did they at least fix so that Tamer can grind in that location properly?

    Because if Heilang still instantly disappears "because water", then it's ridiculous.

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    level 2 woots

    Powercreep to always make ppl use again that dumb gear casino enhancement, so grind, so need cash shop buff. etc...

    O K

    But adding actual decent and interesting content.. nope ?

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