MVP Miracle dethrones Tempo Storm in a 3-2 nailbiter

On September 20th, 2016, Tempo Storm (TS) clashed against MVP Miracle in the Super League 2016 Season 3 quarterfinals elimination match at Sangam eStadium. Similar to the opening match of the tournament, Miracle beat the reigning champions in a close, five-game series. In the end, Miracle advanced to face L5 for a spot in the finals and a chance to go to BlizzCon.

Game 1: Infernal Shrines

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: E.T.C., Johanna
▶ Pick: Tyrael (Hongcono), Muradin (Lockdown), Greymane (Dami), Auriel (Hide), Lunara (duckdeok)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Sgt. Hammer
▶ Pick: Valla (CrazyMoving), Tassadar (Sniper), Kerrigan (Reset), Brightwing (Darvish), Arthas (Ttsst)

The first game took place on Infernal Shrines. TS got the early upper hand by scoring kills in teamfights thanks to strong frontline Warriors. Miracle responded with clutch plays from two Support Heroes and succeeded in swinging the game. Along with a Punisher, Reset’s Kerrigan exploited a window of opportunity and aggressively took out most of TS. CrazyMoving’s Valla survived through the fight, dealing massive damage and drawing the most of attention away from his teammates. From there, Miracle dominated the rest of the game and took the first game of the match.

Game 2: Dragon Shire

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Tyrael, E.T.C.
▶ Pick: Valla (Dami), Xul (duckdeok), Muradin (Hongcono), Auriel (Hide), Thrall (Lockdown)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Lt. Morales
▶ Pick: Sgt. Hammer (CrazyMoving), Falstad (Sniper), Johanna (Ttsst), Rehgar (Darvish), Leoric (Reset)

Like the previous game, TS drew first blood again. Despite Miracle catching up on kills, TS took the first Dragon Knight and gained an early lead using split push pressure to siege. Lockdown’s Thrall took control of lanes with efficient rotations, and Dami’s Valla barely dodged focus fire to take subsequent Dragon Knights. With the bottom keep destroyed, TS reached level 20 first. Miracle soon followed suit, but it was too late. With Leoric constantly taken out by TS, a brutal multiple-man Sundering secured the win for the team and tied up the series 1-1.

Game 3: Sky Temple

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Valla, Abathur
▶ Pick: Muradin (Hongcono), Sonya (Dami), Tassadar (duckdeok), Brightwing (Hide), Kael’thas (Lockdown)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: E.T.C., Tychus
▶ Pick: Illidan (Reset), Tyrael (Sniper), Greymane (CrazyMoving), Rehgar (Darvish), Arthas (Ttsst)

TS did not relent in Game 3. Lockdown’s Kael’thas reversed Miracle’s gank and punished them to take an early lead. With two Warriors creating a front line and shields from two Supports, Miracle could not isolate Kael’thas. TS not only denied the ganks but also punished the aggression and turned the tides in their favor. Even when Kael’thas finally went down, they shut down Miracle’s Illidan and Greymane to take the series lead 2-1.

Game 4: Battlefield of Eternity

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Valla, Arthas
▶ Pick: Greymane (Dami), Tyrael (Hongcono), Li-Ming (Lockdown), Brightwing (Hide), Tassadar (duckdeok)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Abathur
▶ Pick: Muradin (Ttsst), Thrall (Reset), Falstad (Sniper), Sgt. Hammer (CrazyMoving), Rehgar (Darvish)

Utilizing Sgt. Hammer, Miracle got off to a smooth start with an early Immortal and an experience lead. In the following teamfight, TS lost a member, but Lockdown’s Li-Ming skillfully shot down a couple of enemy Heroes and evened the balance. TS played patiently and won the next Immortal with a calculated teamfight.

Miracle was not going down yet, though. After catching duckdeok’s Tassadar out of position, Miracle reached level 13 and took an Immortal. Miracle took a full advantage of the poke from Sgt. Hammer and Falstad to pressure the opponent. Even though Miracle was wiped in the final push for Core, their Immortal was there to finish the job, bringing the series all the way to a final game.

Game 5: Cursed Hollow

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Muradin, Zeratul
▶ Pick: Valla (Dami), E.T.C. (Hongcono), Thrall (Lockdown), Uther (Hide), The Lost Vikings (duckdeok)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Tassadar, Illidan
▶ Pick: Tyrael (Ttsst), Abathur (Sniper), Greymane (CrazyMoving), Brightwing (Darvish), Medivh (Reset)

Game 5 was the last hurdle in the decider’s match. Miracle pushed bottom lane hard to gain an early siege advantage. Reset’s Medivh drove The Lost Vikings out of soak range and provided Greymane with mobility in teamfights. TS brought it back with a curse and boss, and they used the Vikings’ map presence to take the third tribute.

Ironically, Miracle succeeded in a counterattack against the curse. Using Medivh’s Portal, Miracle pressured key Assassins and eliminated E.T.C. after he used up Mosh Pit. With the boss on their side, Miracle took down the bottom keep and rushed for Core. Again, Medivh’s Ley Line Seal locked out most of TS and bought time for the rest of his team to destroy the Core.

HotS Super League 2016 Season 4 Semifinals Result

4th Match Final Score: Tempo Storm 2 vs. 3 MVP Miracle

1st game: Tempo Storm L vs. W MVP Miracle Infernal Shrines
2nd game: Tempo Storm W vs. L MVP Miracle Dragon Shire
3rd game: Tempo Storm W vs. L MVP Miracle Sky Temple
4th game: Tempo Storm L vs. W MVP Miracle Battlefield of Eternity
5th game: Tempo Storm L vs. W MVP Miracle Cursed Hollows


Source article by Inven Irro

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