Life Skill Mastery BDO KR Reactions: You Now Got to Have Grinding & Gathering Gear

Many players have been voicing concern over the new Life Skill content in Black Desert Online KR. The new Mastery systems for Life Skills have been added one by one during the updates in KR, and now players are forced to enhance their Gathering gear or suffer decreased income from Life Skill content.


There was discontentment among players at the time the Processing Mastery was introduced, but players started to really speak out when the Gathering Mastery was added. There are too many types of equipment needed for gathering since you need different clothes and tools to increase your Mastery for Wood Chopping, Fluid Collecting, Mining, etc. just like the Processing.

According to KR players, the cost of investment is too high since they need to get the right gear to gather various items and enhance the equipment to efficiently gather. Also, the drop rates of money making items like Caphras Stones and Ancient Spirit Powder have decreased, so many regard this new change as players being forced to equip Life Skill gear.

Additionally, there are players who believe that Gathering has low returns for its high cost. Some even say that this change makes it harder for new players to take part in Life Skill content, when it should be making it in-depth content for all to enjoy.

The following are the KR player reactions to the Life Skill gear. What are your thoughts on the new updates?


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▲ You need to equip all tools, clothes, and accessories (4 pieces) for efficiency.


◈ KR Reactions

  -  I am concerned for the current Life Skill system update. They keep making us enhance Life Skill-related equipment! I’m afraid they will keep doing that for future Life SKill content.

  -  The increase rate for the Mastery is too low even if you become a Master or Guru in Gathering. It is so much quicker to get Manos gear rather than investing your time and effort to increase your Gathering level. But even THAT is too hard...

  -  The cost for increasing your Gathering Mastery is too big. If you invest the same amount of resources on increasing processing speed, you would get proper results, but I don’t get as much out of my investment from this Gathering Mastery thing.

  -  Actually, the amount you gather seems to increase depending on how much you invest. But the cost is too much and you also need to invest more time to get back what you invested. Gathering isn’t even automatic so why do we have to do it to this extent?

  -  You can actually see the efficiency increase when you enhance Magical Manos Butchering Knife but it is a burden to enhance both Gathering clothes and accessories for me...

  -  It’s hard to get the efficiency like you did before without spending gold since the drop rate for expensive items like Caphras Stone has decreased.

  -  Even if you increase your Mastery, the drop rate for Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard didn’t increase even though they take a large part of gold.

  -  I don’t agree with the opinion that this is a patch for players who focus on Life Skills. It feels too difficult to enjoy the content unless you are a hardcore Life Skill player. And if you enjoy gathering and don’t really care about making gold.

  -  We now need to equip gear for gathering like grinding in order to enjoy proper Life Skill content. 6 pieces of them even.

  -  The Gathering tools can be repaired but their maximum durability is 250 so they don’t last long. We don’t have any choice but go to the village often or get a Camp Anvil.

  -  It’s difficult to manufacture the Magical Manos accessories since getting the materials is hard and even enhancing is difficult! How am I supposed to get all those Black Crystals!?

  -  You can either get one Scorched Shard from daily quests every day or exchange it with 100 Shiny Golden Seals to manufacture those Manos accessories, but it is just too hard… You have to enhance your Manos gear or else it’s inefficient and if you fail, you need to get another 15 Scorched Shards...

  -  What is this nonsense about using Concentrated Magical Black Crystals to enhance??


▲ The materials you need to enhance the Magical Manos gear. They are hard to obtain.


▲ Some players say they could see the efficiency increase for the Magical Manos Butching Knife.

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    level 2 Isteria

    My thoughts exactly and I bet there is not force enhance. All this resource sink and rng, I don't even want to think about it. First they did it to processing, now they are doing it to gathering. All these different pieces of gear, all these tools which are very specific, all to be enhanced to TRI+. I can't say that I am looking forward to it.

  • 0

    level 1 Arte

    "RIP Gathering" - Manos Gear, 2018.

  • 0

    level 2 NakedToast


    One thing Pearl Abyss has been very good at of late is making it easier for people to quit.

    These are the same time-sync, rng content they keep pumping out.

    • 0

      level 1 Catastigma


      its still preferable that a fast-food mmo where you beat the game in 3 hours and wait for next update for rebegin the same content over and over like WoW....

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    level 3 flashfree

    Decrease the amount of equipment you have to enhance at least, Clothes and Tools should be more than enough. Or increase the returns to justify having to slave away enhancing your gear.

  • 0

    level 2 Frank

    Sounds like they need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Hopefully it won't be implemented on EU or NA till then.

  • 0

    level 1 woots


    PA stupidity to add RNG crap and ressource sink just for the sake of adding it, but doesnt provide any form of FUN in their game.

    All PA gamedesigner should absolutely get fired, to have ones that actualy want to make a game, and not a cash shop sh#tshow only.

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      level 1 Catastigma


      Stay on your Themepark damn casual player. RNG is not a bad design at all. alot of player prefer this type of progression that losing all thier progression on each patch. like every themepark do.

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      level 3 ShimrraFiril


      Or like BDO. All players who have raised +3, +4, +5 previous lifeskill outfits can throw them in the trash with these updates. So open your eyes a bit and stop believing that BDO is outside this idea of losing all the progression. It's just less often but every time it's a huge investment that's put in the trash.

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    level 1 Hemuk

    I have 1 doubt tho, does it take more energy to gather the more mastery you have? or is the energy consumption the same as if you were gathering normally? Getting x5 the drops for no extra energy seems OP AF.

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    level 1 FrE3E

    I have to agree with the opinions voiced. I dont want to enhance a whole nother gearset just to be efficient in lifeskilling. I want one gear to use in order to get better yields while lifeskilling.

    This is too complex and requires too much investment. Lifeskilling is about variety and difficulty should lie with finding valuable items to craft or ways to make money, not having to spend it on gearing up.

    The only gear-set a player should have to enhance is his AP/DP set, not lifeskilling cloth.

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    level 2 Anita

    Write please the recipe
    Black Crystal Fragment

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