GEN CuVee on Playing Against Kingzone: " The competition between the top teams is a fierce one. Either of us can win."

On the 16th, during the 2nd series of the “2018 LCK Summer Split Day 23”, Gen.G Esports defeated Hanwha Life Esports with a score of 2-1. The two MVP titlists of today's match were CuVee and Ruler. During the series, CuVee acted as a solid pillar that the team can rely on -- CuVee had even turned the enemy's 3-man dive into a double-kill in game 2. As for Ruler, in game 3, he was a constant nuisance for HLE, slowly nibbling away at the enemy team and setting up easy engages for his own team.

After the series, the two players, CuVee and Ruler, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

How do you feel having won today’s match?

CuVee: We won because the enemy team made a mistake. I don’t think I did anything special.

Ruler: Today’s match was definitely hard-fought, and it didn’t go as we had initially planned. As a matter of fact, our practice didn’t go too well either. As a result, I was under a lot of stress, and my skin had a lot of outbreaks. I wasn’t confident, but my head coach assured me that I’d do well. I’m really glad that we won.

After game 1, Ambition was subbed-in. What effect did he have on the team atmosphere?

CuVee: When he came in, our teammates told each other that we should give up on some objectives that seem difficult to secure, but make sure to fight when an opportunity arises.

Ruler: Honestly speaking, I don’t think that we lost game 1 because the enemy team played well. I think we lost because I made a very big mistake. I don’t think I’m back to my normal self yet.

In game 2, CuVee completely turned around a dive and secured two kills.

CuVee: The opportunity just came up while I was fighting… I wasn’t even thinking about getting the MVP, I was way too focused on the game.

Ruler scored a pentakill today.

Ruler: I didn’t play that well. My teammates did. I was only able to get that pentakill thanks to my team.

Many fans are curious about the Orianna pick in game 3.

CuVee: Before the game, we were discussing how we should play against Zoe. In the end, we prepared Orianna.

Today is coach oDin’s birthday!

oDin: Although I’m happy that we won, our performance today wasn’t anywhere near good. Today’s series ended exactly at 12, and Ruler’s pentakill felt like it was a gift from him to me. I want to thank all the fans that cheered for us despite the late hours. During our next series, we’ll show better performance.

Your next opponent is Kingzone DragonX. How will you prepare for your game against them?

CuVee: The competition between the top teams is a fierce one. Either of us can win. I hope that all of my teammates will play well -- especially Ruler.

Ruler: I scored a pentakill today by diving the enemy fountain. However, fans don’t really like that too much. I apologize, and I will make sure to do better next time.

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