HLE SeongHwan on Advancing to 3rd Place: "I thought no team was unbeatable in the first place."

On the 13th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) defeated SKT T1 (SKT) 2:1 on the 2018 LCK Summer split day 21 match 2.

After the game against SKT, HLE’s SeongHwan was interviewed. With the team advancing to 3rd place, this jungler seemed confident than ever.

The following is the interview with SeongHwan.

Q. You finished the 1st round on 3rd place. How do you feel?

This is the highest I’ve ever been since my pro debut. I thought no team was unbeatable in the first place. On round 2, I think we can win against any team.

Q. You lost game 1 even though the team had an advantage. What were the feedbacks?

I made a lot of small mistakes. We lost in teamfights as well. The team talked about our positioning.

Q. Kindred is picked a lot these days, What are Kindred’s strengths?

Kindred can move through walls so it is easy to get past the opponent’s wards and make good jungle routes. Kindred isn’t weak in early-game and the champion becomes stronger in late-game. Also, this champ has good utility skills including Kindred's ult.

Q. Does the team need any improvements?

We are currently doing well. But, we need to be better on calls since sometimes it collides. We need to cut down our mistakes and move better as a team.  

Q. Your next match is against Gen.G. How are you going to prepare?

We’ll focus on mid and jungle since they use different players in those two positions. Also, we’ll prepare for the bottom matchup. I think there’s not a lot of things to concern about top.

Q. The team’s improvement for this split is surprising. What would be the reason for it?

It's about effort. We scrim with ourselves until 6 AM. In the daytime, we scrim against LCK teams. After that we scrim with the reserve team. I can feel us improving.  

Q. How about Worlds? Is it possible for the team to advance to Worlds?

I think we’ll have to win against any other teams. If we can fix what we lacked in round 1, I think we can really proceed to Worlds. I think there is a 70-80% chance.

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