Today’s Legendary Gear Event Open Again in Returners! Giant/Great Demon King/Holy Archangel/Launcher - Which One Should You Go For?


Today’s Legendary Gear event will take place from July 14th to 15th. The Today’s Legendary Gear event will include the Giant (tank) and Great Demon King (mage) set on July 14th, and the Holy Archangel (support) and Launcher (ranger) set on 15th.

The chance you will get 5~6-Star gear will increase when you are drawing from Mixed Rare Gear at the shop during the event period. Also, if you draw a 6-Star gear, it will definitely be one of the Today’s Legendary Gear.

Since there are many different kinds of gear in Returners, it is hard to draw the very set piece you want. So use this event as an opportunity to get the ones you wanted. Notably, this event is a huge advantage in the way you can always get a Legendary without getting any Rare gear when you get a 6-Star item.



◆ Today’s Legendary Gear for July 14th: Giant Helmet & Almost All Great Demon King Pieces Are Used!

On July 14th, you can randomly get one piece of either the Giant (for tank) or Great Demon King (for mage) sets if you manage to draw a 6-Star gear from the Mixed Rare Gear draw.

First of all, the Giant gear is not commonly used. The Giant set basically focuses on magic defense but it also specializes in melee defense, making it inefficient to use unless fighting against heroes like Rasputina.

The piece that is worth using out of all Giant gear would be the helmet; it has high magic defense and you can increase HP by 40% for tank, making it easier for your tank to survive. The most popular gear set using Giant Helmet is the Fenrir’s Doom + Hell’s Gate Armor & Boots & Necklace gear comp, from which you can get high survivability with skill cooldown decrease, ranged defense, and HP increase.


▲ Giant Helmet is the piece that is most used out of all Giant set pieces for its high HP increase.


The Great Demon King set has many uses as most of its pieces are used. All of the pieces are mostly used gear except the necklace, which comes with magic defense instead of magic attack like other accessories for mage, so you might as well as go for the event.

The advantage you can get will differ depending on what pieces of the Great Demon King set you use, which will also change what heroes are preferred. First, the Great Demon King Staff & Horned Helmet can be used with Benevolent Queen Clothes & Shoes and Heroic Fergus Ring. This gear comp focuses on increasing the skill damage including ult skill and works great with Nikola Tesla.

The Great Demon King Cape & Shoes are used with Absolute Monarch Staff & Hat and Heroic Fergus Ring. This gear comp will give you critical rate, attack speed, and hit damage recover; it is one of the main gear comps for Rasputina and Dr. Jekyll, the heroes who deal continuous damage based on their basic attacks.


▲ Great Demon King Staff & Horned Helmet is used as the main gear for Nikola Tesla, while Cape & Shoes are used as main gear for Dr. Jekyll and Rasputina.



◆ Today’s Legendary Gear for July 15th: Taejo Specialized Launcher & Rather Insufficient Holy Archangel

On July 15th, the Launcher (for ranger) and Holy Archangel (for support) sets are the gear for the Today’s Legendary Gear event.

The Launcher set is a hybrid gear that comes with both physical and magic attack, and its main advantage is that it also comes with skill cooldown reduction and skill attack increase. This is why it is considered one of the best gear for heroes like Taejo or William Tell, who are specialized in dealing damage using skills that bypasses target’s defense, even though magic attack increase is not a meaningful stat for rangers.


On the other hand, it falls short on basic attack increase since it comes with magic attack & skill damage instead of critical rate and attack speed. This is why this gear set is not so great for heroes who deal damage based on the basic attack by self-enhancement like Jumong.


▲ The Launcher set is for heroes specialized in dealing damage with skills that bypass the target’s defense like Taejo and William Tell.


As for the Holy Archangel set, it is currently less popular than the Shining Goddess or Immortal Flaming Empress sets. Holy Archangel pieces do not come with skill cooldown decrease, which is very important for supports, and you will have to equip 4~5 pieces for skill cooldown decrease effects, making it very inflexible in gear choice.

Due to this reason, there isn’t much of a Holy Archangel piece that many players prefer. It is usually equipped as an alternative when players couldn’t equip gear comps with Shining Goddess or Immortal Flaming Empress pieces. It isn’t great for ally-enhancing supports like Cassandra since it does not have skill cooldown decrease; it will be better if it is equipped by damage-dealing supports.



▲ Holy Archangel is less popular since it is hard to go for skill cooldown decrease or mix it with other set pieces.


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    level 1 Bob_Pelkey

    Event enhance double drop rate is not working

  • 0

    level 2 Mihok

    Is it normal? 6 Draws and 0 Legendary... Waste of 18k Blues :/

  • 0

    level 1 Zerenos

    10 draws*3 0 legendary, better luck next time i hope. T T

  • 0

    level 1 Papayamaru

    Not sure if launcher set good for taejo or not with all those extra +MAG Atk

  • 0

    level 1 Eddy_Souriyong

    Event was awesome

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    level 1 WubblezWubblez

    Dam it hurts that I totally missed that launcher set event. I hope we get another opportunity again!

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    level 2 TheKingAtk

    Best chance to find your legendary gears you need

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