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RNG's Toplaner, 'Zz1tai', to Play Botlane in Place of Uzi



RNG's toplaner, Zz1tai, will play his very first professional game as an ADC.

On the 13th, according to a foreign press, RNG will have Zz1tai play as the ADC in their upcoming match against OMG. With their previous announcement that Uzi will be taking a break, RNG decided upon employing Zz1tai as their ADC instead of Able. 

Originally having been a midlaner, Zz1tai swapped roles to toplane in 2015, during his time in IG.
From there, he switched teams to Snake Esports where he once again played midlane. In 2018, he joined RNG as the team's toplaner.

The match against OMG will be Zz1tai's very first professional game as a botlane carry. However, with the current state of the meta, it's of no surprise to see players of different roles playing in the botlane.

With a score of 5-1, RNG is currently tied for 1st place with JD Gaming and IG in the LPL. 

▲ Source: s.weibo.com


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    level 2 Genryou

    In the end, Zz1tai went mid, Xiaohu bot and none of them picked a marksman. It's great to see they're adapting to any situation, trying different strategies and line-ups, also, having success with it.

    I suppose they will bring in Able, if they want an ADC marksman, probably, against EDG and RW, in the cross conference matches.

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