Interview with Pockiverse, the leader of Instakill Guild in Returners



Returners has been out in NA and other regions for about 2 months and players around the globe are enjoying the game since its launch. Some players have joined together to form a guild, and we had a chance to talk to the leader of Instakill guild, one of the first guilds in the global server. He kindly shared his experience in Returners and some useful tips for new players.

Below is our interview with Pockiverse, the leader of Instakill Guild in the global server.


Would you briefly introduce yourself to us?

Hello Everyone! I go by Pockiverse (Pocky in Returners) and am currently the leader of Instakill guild in the global server.

How did you come to know about Returners and how long have you been playing?

I came to hear about Returners from watching a Twitch streamer for King's Raid who unfortunately quit Returners. But I stayed since I enjoyed it a lot.

What other mobile games have you played before or are you playing now?

I've played a couple of mobile games. Notable ones that I have put time into would be Devil Maker: Tokyo, Legion of Heroes, Crusaders Quest, Brave Frontier, Mobius Final Fantasy, and Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love. But now, I am only playing Granblue Fantasy and Returners.

What makes Returners more fun to play than other games? What's the reason that you enjoyed Returners a lot?

I'm really fond of the hero management gameplay and how easy it is to get into the game. The auto-tournaments are really enjoyable and quite competitive as there are a lot of strategies and factors to win a match as opposed to just gear.

▲ The auto-tournaments are easy get into but competitive at the same time.


How long have you been managing your guild and how many active members do you have in the guild?

I first joined about 3 weeks ago and was made Vice Captain. Shortly after, the leader quit and passed on the leadership to me. So it has been about 2.5 weeks since I started managing our guild. We currently have 50 members active daily. But on average, about 35-40 members for Guild Raid participation.

Returners doesn't have a lot of guild content but your guild members bond very well. Are there any special things you do to manage your guild? How are you managing your guild in general?

The in-game chat system for Returners isn't the best so we use Discord as our main source of communication. I like to promote activity within the guild by talking and keeping the Discord active. We are pretty strict on being active and if a player hasn't logged on in more than 2 days without notifying us, we open that spot up for a new guild applicant. I think bonding with your guild members and helping them out is crucial to maintain interest in any game.

Your guild is one of the first guilds in the global server and there must be a lot of members with high ranks and good gear, including yourself. Do you guys have any special tips for leveling the heroes?

I am actually one of the worst geared players in the guild but still manage to compete well in league and raids. I think it is important to prioritize your gear combinations more than leveling. Leveling rank/heroes is quite easy with the Prime Time bonus rank/experience. The Inven Global Returners page has a lot of useful information for beginners - intermediate players!

Is there any hero or team composition that you or your guild members think is OP?

I think there are a lot of viable and strong team compositions but they are very dependent on gear. I wish I could name them all but they change as the meta changes. I'm seeing the meta slowly shift over to magic damage types so I expect to see a lot of Dr. Jekyll and Tesla in the near future for League/Arena. For Raids, Jumong is a must.


▲ Jumong is a must-have hero for Raids.


Some players think the team comp for the Arena is difficult. Do you have any tips in managing the team in the Arena?

You need a lot of heroes and gear that are strong and not dependent on a full team of 5. Hong Gil-dong, Dr. Jekyll, Athena, Taejo, Zhuge Liang, Cleopatra, and many more. It all depends on who you are facing in Arena. After losing an Arena match, you learn their team composition and can find them again to fight after adjusting your teams to win.

What Tactic Cards do you use often in the League? Also, what are some good cards to use in the League?

Tactic Card strategies is where all the fun is at! The Advanced Yellow Cards are really strong and can almost guarantee a win alone if you get lucky to null one of their cards; especially Red Card Nullification: Advanced and Blue Card Nullification: Advanced. Usually, you can see your opponent’s Tactic Card patterns in their match history and gamble on countering them. One of my favorites is Bad Trade and Noble Sacrifice: Enhance or Alone Time and No Pain, No Gain: Lethal for 100% Critical Rate.


▲ Advanced Red Card Nullification card can almost guarantee a win if you nullify one of the opponent's Red Cards.


Are there any other tips or know-how you want to share with other players?

Legendaries are the best, but if you can't get the legendaries that you want, proper rare gear is no joke! Remember, you can unleash all your rare gear with a duplicate rare gear! This will become even more important once they release 7 star gear when it requires a duplicate gear to upgrade!

Is there anything you want Returners to have in the future?

A wider selection of balanced and unique heroes will keep the game interesting and evolving and more sources of energy to keep your players playing! Also more guild content and better advertisement to help get the word out on how great of a game Returners is and to rake in more players!

Any last shoutouts or comments?

I want to give a shoutout to all you Instakill'ers out there! Keep on rocking! Also to the Reddit Discord community for providing a global chat server where all players from all servers can talk. Last of all, to Inven Global for doing a great job with launching their Returners Global page. I'm hoping you guys will keep it updated! And to my Mom. I love you Mom!


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    level 2 Pockiverse

    Thanks for doing the interview! Had a lot of fun. I think it's awesome that you guys are trying to get involved with the Returners community! Hope to see more great things from Inven Global!

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  • 4

    level 2 Pockiverse


    Thanks for doing the interview! Had a lot of fun. I think it's awesome that you guys are trying to get involved with the Returners community! Hope to see more great things from Inven Global!

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      level 1 Cato


      Hi I'm your biggest fan! Can you tattoo your signature on my baby's forehead?

  • 1

    level 2 RodricKim

    instaKill forever!

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    level 1 Thof

    Inven page lookin' damn good! Awesome interview, Pocky da' real mvp, glad to be part o' Instakill. InstaKill forever yo'!

  • 1

    level 1 CWillz

    Interview got me hype for some NA Wars man

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    level 1 Dildonian


    Returners choosing favorites i see Demigods was created day 1 and has the same leadership it always how were none of us approached i call BS and then you take this guys comments and use it for the next event making sure everyone comes to this interview giving their guild free PR.

    • 0

      level 12 Meii


      Thanks for the comment!

      As for the interview, we plan to keep interviewing active Returners guilds and players when we have the chance!

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    level 1 Narcolepsy


    Nice interview, good job Pocky! Glad to see Community being involved! Let's get some serious advertisement going now! This game is still better than many of these new AAA titles that are blowing up to million downloads... but we have no attention :( Lets get it out there! Keep it up Returners, Nexon!

    • 0

      level 4 Pockiverse


      Hey Thanks Narco! Yeah, I completely agree with the advertisement point. KR version even had TV commercials! One day, we'll see Returners advertisement instead of KC every time I start up NOX...only in dreams. I do hope they continue interviewing all sorts of players and guilds, including yours. I think they're pretty entertaining articles to read.

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