Behemoth comes on August 2nd! Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy 14 Collaboration


Dragoon, Moogle, and Behemoth. The symbols of Final Fantasy series come to Monster Hunter: World on August 2nd.

On July 12th, Capcom opened an official website and revealed new information about the collaboration of between Final Fantasy 14 and Monster Hunter: World. The game elements that will be added to the new land through the 4th free major update include the symbolic Behemoth, Wyrm’s Mail that is a Dragoon exclusive gear set, Gae Bolg, Moogle looking Palico gears, and a Sabotender looking monster.

The new Elder Dragon named Behemoth


The new monster Behemoth who came from the outer world is a creature with the muscular body and two big horns. Since its debut in Final Fantasy 2, it has been one of the most representative monsters in the Final Fantasy series, and it shows its presence as one of Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter: World as part of the collaboration event. The revealed trailer shows not only its devastating appearance but also the original Meteor mechanism that deals a significant amount of damage if a player does not hide behind an object.

▲ The new gear set embodying the Dragoon in Final Fantasy


The appearance of the new gear set was also revealed. The Dragoon exclusive gear set in the Final Fantasy series called Drakken Series, Gae Bolg as one of the Insect Glaives, and Dragon Soul as a Kinsect will be added to Monster Hunter: World.

Furthermore, the Moogle Neko Series that transforms the Palico into the perfect Moogle of Final Fantasy 14, and Sabotender which is a mascot of the Final Fantasy Series are planned to be added to the game as well. The trailer also shows Kulu-Ya-Ku threatening a hunter while holding an Aetheryte instead of a rock and the new attire called Babymoth which Poogie in Astera can wear.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 14 which is collaborating with Monster Hunter: World is planned to adopt Palico, the mascot of the Monster Hunter series, and Rathalos.

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