[LCK Summer Day 20 Results] JAG With Their First Win of the Split, KZ Sweeps MVP

On July 12th (KST), Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) secured their first win of the split on match 1 against bbq Olivers (BBQ). On match 2, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated MVP 2:0.

JAG had a slight advantage on match 1, game 1. BBQ sought to snowball early by trying to kill Grace’s LeBlanc near top. However, JAG managed to counter it. After the top skirmish, JAG was on the clear upper hand and eventually closed down the game.

The focus for game 2 was on Teddy’s Ryze. JAG started to snowball near the Dragon pit, where the two teams engaged for a teamfight. Although it was a rather long one, JAG eventually won. From that point on, JAG managed to win a series of fights and their Ryze quickly hit his power spikes. Teddy’s ‘over-powered’ Ryze started to influence the whole game and led JAG for their first win for the split.

On match 2, game 2, KZ went with their specialty; the “Khan carry”. With Khan’s Kled gaining some points early, KZ quickly snowballed throughout the game. Once they knew that they had a clear advantage, Khan started to aggressively push MVP’s sides. Not only MVP had a hard time stopping Khan himself, but they kept on losing points against the other 4 KZ members as well. The game eventually became one-sided and KZ closed down the first game.

On game 2, MVP had some aggressive picks on their sides such as Camille, Syndra, and Morgana. However, KZ proved their individual strengths. Although their comp was rather less-aggressive laning picks compared to MVP, they managed to have an advantage in every lane. In time, Mundo hit his power spikes by focusing on his CS; it was impossible for MVP to kill him since they did not have a traditional ADC champion on their side. With Mundo going 1 vs 4, KZ easily secured the Baron. MVP did put up a fight by slaying the next Baron, but it wasn’t enough to stop KZ.



2018 LCK Summer Split Day 20 Results

Match 42: bbq Olivers vs Jin Air Green Wings < 0-2 >
Game 1: bbq Olivers (L) vs Jin Air Green Wings (W)
Game 2: bbq Olivers (L) vs Jin Air Green Wings (W)

Match 43: MVP vs Kingzone DragonX < 0 - 2 >
Game 1: MVP (L) vs Kingzone DragonX (W)
Game 2: MVP (L) vs Kingzone DragonX (W)


▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 7-1 (+10)
2. Kingzone DragonX 7-2 (+8)
3. Gen.G Esports 6-2 (+5)
4. Afreeca Freecs 6-3 (+6)
5. Hanwha Life Esports 5-3 (+6)
6. kt Rolster 5-4 (+4)
7. SKT T1 3-5 (-4)
8. MVP 3-6 (-7)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 1-8 (-12)
9. bbq Olivers 0-9 (-16)

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