Returners Patch Notes: Enjoy Playing the League at Any Time! New Challenger League Added

Challenger League, a new content for the League, has been added to Returners on July 10th.

In order to participate in the Challenger League, you will have to complete your placement test for the League (Proving Ground). The basic format of the Challenger League is similar to that of the League. However, you can enjoy playing the game no matter the time and place since your opponent placed in the same league will be AI automatically added from the data of winners of weekly League battle records and there is no use limit on your Tactic Cards.


▲ If you tap on ‘League’ in the lobby, you will see the Challenger League button on the left side.


Challenger League basically starts from the Gold league, and is divided into a total of 6 leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crystal. Each league is comprised of 5 tiers. Each player starts from Gold 5 tier, and can be promoted to a higher tier if they manage to get a certain number of wins, then be promoted to the next league when they make it to the 1st tier within their league.

You will get gold as rewards whenever you win, and a certain amount of Bluestone and Energy will be given when you are promoted to a higher tier or league. Each reward gets bigger as you climb the leagues.


▲ You can play against other players’ AIs in the same league when entering the Challenger League.


You will eventually get to a point where it is hard for you to win with your CP; at that point, you can tap on the ‘New Challenge’ button placed on the top right menu to reset your progress in the Challenger League.

However, if you reset again, you will use a certain amount of your Friendship Points and you spend more the higher your tier is. Also, resetting your progress will only reset your tier, not your league. You can get gold as rewards when you win, but won’t be able to get the tier promotion rewards even after you reset.

Challenger League is expected to become popular among players for some time since you can play it at any time just like Adventure mode, and receive various rewards including gold, Bluestone, and Energy, while getting rewards for related daily and weekly missions.


▲ Newly added daily and weekly missions as well as achievements.

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Comments :4

  • 1

    level 1 Mihok

    Love the rewards <3
  • 0

    level 2 Mihok

    @returners you need to update the reward system for challenger Mode. After Clearing the Mode and getting all rewards, we Player have no motivation any more to replay the challenge Mode again. Why? Because the dayli and 6500 gold per win is not that much motivation.

    Hope you think about to make the challenge mode more interesting with better rewards for playing it again and again.

    Greetz Mihok/EU

  • 0

    level 1 Blackflag

    Like it is stated inother comments, the initial rewards are incredible. I had a lot of fun doing them and did them quickly. But there is no motivation to do that many repeat attacks for nothing but gold. If it is intended to be a “long term source of entertainment” there needs to be more than just gold as a reward. Idea is strong but implementation needs fine-tuning.

  • 0

    level 1 kernor

    A bit unfair mode - completion of crystal 1 depends not on the tactical cards and focus decisions but solely on random - will you get an opponent from korean server with 7 star gear or not.

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