Griffin Lehends: "All champions are good when you're good."

On the 11th of July (KST), in the first match of 2018 LCK Summer Split Day 19, Griffin (GRF) played against Afreeca Freecs (AFs).

In Game 1, GRF picked Aatrox and Vladimir, who were popular picks at the Rift Rivals. After taking first blood, GRF was able to snowball throughout the game. GRF dominated the whole game and were able to destroy AFs Nexus without much trouble. Lehends delivered good performance with Pyke and was voted MVP.

AFs banned Aatrox and subbed in Kramer in place of Aiming in Game 2. They were able to take the first Baron, but Viper’s Vladimir was too strong for AFs. As of this match, GRF took their 7th win and stayed at 1st place.

The following is the interview with Lehends and Viper.


(To Lehends) It’s been a while. It seems like you were being scolded by the head coach even though you won.

Lehends: Winning and losing is important, but the process is important as well, so he was giving feedback on that.

Viper: There was feedback for each player, and I think our head coach was angry because there were points that weren’t satisfying as a team.

What did you do during the Rift Rivals?

Lehends: We had some rest and started practicing like always. It’s a relief that we got good results.

Viper: It was really hard waiting for another match. We got inspiration through Rift Rivals and did our best preparing.

It seems that each region has different interpretations on the meta. What do you think?

Lehends: The meta interpretations are different according to each region and each team as well. Considering all that, it seems like the Chinese teams are really good since they won.

(To Lehends) You like playing Pyke. How do you think Pyke is?

Lehends: Pyke is pretty good, but I’m embarrassed because I died in a situation I really shouldn’t have died. I was really sorry to my teammates because of that. Since Viper is very good at Vladimir, I think I can play Pyke and roam more comfortably.

Viper: It’s hard when there’s no support at bot lane, but if I can’t help it, I just do my best thinking that I need to deal with it.

Do you have a lot of other picks prepared?

Viper: We’re preparing many different champions. We’ll continue to show more.

Lehends: All champions are good when you’re good.


Recently, traditional ADC champions aren’t appearing. What do you think?

Viper: It’s good when you’re good at ADC champions. ADC champs get stronger in the late game; I think they both have pros and cons. What’s important is how the team supports the pick.

How was the feedback after losing your last game against KT?

Lehends: I think we've become a bit complacent. We were able to look back at ourselves, and I think that’s one of the reasons that we won today.


Any last comments?

Lehends: I’ll do my best to win 2-0 in the next matches. Thank you to all the fans that cheer for us.

Viper: I’m putting in a lot of effort. We’ll show exciting matches so please continue to cheer for us.


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    level 1 AndresYen

    He seems to be the best player in the league at the moment. Can't wait to see Lehends perorm at Worlds.

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