Stevooo, the original GM Symmetra, is hard at work mastering the reworked hero.



Stevooo is the original Symmetra main, infamous enough to have received multiple bans from Blizzard.  Although teammates have previously slammed him for playing a hero that has long been underpowered, the fact is that he's always been able to get himself into Grandmaster+ with only Symmetra.  And for someone who has said old Symmetra was just spamming right-clicks, he was also known for finding openings to play aggressively and microwave opponents down with left-click. 

So what's his take on the new Symmetra whose left-click isn't what it used to be?  Even though it's different, he thinks new Symmetra is definitely better.  And after completing his placement matches, the results speak for themselves as he's got himself into GM+ once again.



Teleporter dives

Her new teleporter is the reason why Stevoo is convinced she is better.  Since Symmetra can bring her turrets with her through the teleporter, you can plant turrets early to bring them with your teleporter dive.


If you're in the fray and realize you've made a mistake, simply take your teleporter back to safety.

In some cases, you don't even need to be sneaky about your teleporter.  In this clip, Stevooo casts it directly behind the enemy team.  Stevooo dies early, but he's able to take two down with him and allow his team to push forward and capture the point.


And of course, you can also use your teleporter to get out of a Zarya ult.  As a bonus to this clip, Stevooo is able to block an enemy Earthshatter with his own Symmetra ult.


If needed, you can also simply use your teleporter to get turrets directly on top of the cart.  


High ground opportunities

Symmetra's teleporter takes her to the highest point on Horizon B, keeping her from enemy sightlines and giving her better positioning.

And on this clip in Eichenwalde B, putting Roadhog on this high ground position splits the enemy team's attention as the cart keeps pushing forward.


Lots to take in from Day 1

On Seagull's stream, he's demonstrated how Symmetra can work with Torbjorn, Reaper and Bastion.  And it's definitely worth a look, particularly if you plan to duo or tri-queue with any friends who play those heroes (along with Orisa).  

But don't forget about Stevooo.  While he's been criticized in the past for not participating in team chat for GM+ games, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  Now that Symmetra's toolkit has expanded to enhance her team more than ever, Stevooo's comms and teleporter plays are worth checking out.


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