MVP Black defeats L5 to become the first Korean team to attend BlizzCon

On September 13 at Sangam OGN eStadium, MVP Black proved once again that they are the original powerhouse and supreme gods of Heroes of the Storm by beating L5 3-1 and advancing to finals of Super League 2016 Season 3. With this victory, Black also became the first Korean team to secure a ticket to BlizzCon.

Game 1: Towers of Doom

▶ Ban: Medivh, Abathur
▶ Pick: Muradin (Noblesse), Valla (NacHoJin), Thrall (Jeongha), Rehgar (Swoy), Sgt. Hammer (sCsC)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Li-Ming
▶ Pick: Tyrael (Rich), Falstad (Sake), Brightwing (merryday), E.T.C. (Sign), Tracer (KyoCha)

During the first altar, L5 caught merryday's Brightwing out of position. In the subsequent teamfight, they also caught Rich. Black quickly returned the favor by picking off Muradin and the dropping three of L5’s team members in a teamfight on the bottom side of the map. Though L5 was able to take down E.T.C. in the second altar teamfight, they crumbled under consistent harassment from KyoCha’s Tracer. After he respawned, Sign caught three L5 members in a Mosh Pit during the following fight; Noblesse's Muradin tried to jump on Falstad for a desparation kill but ended up failing thanks to merryday's timely use of Phase Shift.

Afterward, Tracer rapidly took down Sgt. Hammer, and Black wiped L5 with a Mosh Pit that locked down most of their players. L5 stood their ground at the bottom tower, dropping Tracer and E.T.C. but lost four teammates in the process. Black shot off last three shots and finished the game through the bottom lane.

Game 2: Dragon Shire

▶ Ban: Falstad, Thrall
▶ Pick: Muradin (Noblesse), Valla (sCsC), Tyrael (Jeongha), Xul (NacHoJin), Lt. Morales (Swoy)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Li-Ming
▶ Pick: ETC (Sign), Tychus (Sake), Brightwing (merryday), Leoric (Rich), Tracer (KyoCha)

L5 again drafted around the newly reworked Valla in the second game. In the early game, L5 took out Rich’s Leoric and destroyed the bottom and mid fort to get an experience lead without a teamfight. Afterwards, they pressured Black with an early Dragon Knight as soon as they hit level 10. L5 seemed to have the game in the bag with two kills at the top fort, but Black responded by taking out Xul and Valla in a teamfight around mid lane. Though L5 successfully reversed the situation and took another Dragon Knight, they couldn’t take full advantage of it after Noblesse’s Muradin fell to Black. It was the teamfight around mid lane that tilted the game in Black’s favor. KyoCha’s Tracer picked off Lt. Morales, and the rest of L5 crumbled as Black took three kills right after.

Black reached level 20 first and began to push for a fort. The two teams clashed in the fateful teamfight at the bottom lane, and Black ended up dominating the opponent with Mosh Pit paired with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb. L5 counterattacked and dropped Leoric before rushing the Core—but MVP Black was resilient in fending off the attack and even wiped L5. Finally, Black marched across the map with their Dragon Knight and destroyed the enemy Core.

Game 3: Infernal Shrines

▶ Ban: Muradin, Sonya
▶ Pick: Kerrigan (Jeongha), Valla (sCsC), Johanna (Noblesse), Medivh (NacHoJin), Auriel (Swoy)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Sylvanas
▶ Pick: E.T.C. (Sign), Falstad (Sake), Tassadar (KyoCha), Greymane (Rich), Rehgar (merryday)

Black got off to a smooth start by taking out Auriel and stacking up more kills than L5, despite losing the first Punisher. However, Jeongha’s Kerrigan took down most of Black in an explosive teamfight over the second shrine, and another Punisher was secured for L5. Black struck back during the third shrine by trapping Valla with a perfectly placed Force Wall, and the tide of battle seemed to shift back toward Black.

L5 retaliated by dropping Greymane and taking a favorable two-for-four trade on the middle shrine thanks to the impressive damage output from Valla. Again, Black tried to focus down Valla in the middle lane but was thwarted by Auriel’s Crystal Aegis. Utilizing this window of opportunity, L5 pushed for Core and scored their first point of the match.

Game 4: Sky Temple

▶ Ban: Illidan, Tracer
▶ Pick: Falstad (NacHoJin), E.T.C. (Noblesse), Zeratul (sCsC), Thrall (Jeongha), Uther (Swoy)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Tyrael, Lunara
▶ Pick: Muradin (Rich), Li-Ming (Sake), Brightwing (merryday), Arthas (Sign), Leoric (KyoCha)

Black used their triple warrior composition to secure more temples and reach level 10 first. L5 successfully avoided Black’s attempts to bait and force teamfights, but they never gained the control of the game. The two teams fought in a drawn-out battle at the top lane, but Black got the better end of the deal after taking out Falstad. Though L5 picked off Leoric at the Siege Camp, they could not compete with such a sustainable, bulky composition and ended up getting wiped. It was too late for L5. KyoCha’s Leoric respawned just in time for Black to focus down the Core and advance to the finals.

HotS Super League 2016 Season 4 Semifinals Result

3rd Match Final Score: MVP Black 3 vs. 1 L5

1st game: MVP Black W vs. L L5 Towers of Doom
2nd game: MVP Black W vs. L L5 Dragon Shire
3rd game: MVP Black L vs. W L5 Infernal Shrines
4th game: MVP Black W vs. L L5 Sky Temple


Source article by Inven Flyn

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