The Biggest Rewards in the Game! Returners’ Recommended Hero Composition for the Raid


The Raids in Returners are only available during a limited time period, and offer better rewards than Adventure, League, and Arena.


Raids are a bit different from most of the other battles you fight. The boss cannot be defeated in one go; it is immune to all CC skills and often can defeat most heroes in one or two hits. In order to defeat the boss, players must keep entering the Raid until they’ve dealt enough aggregate damage.


Given the nature of the Raid, team compositions should be built around dealing as much damage as possible within a short amount of time. The more total damage you deal, the better rewards you can receive.


While League and Arena often requires you to be flexible with your compositions, the Raid is always done best using the same type of composition with high damage heroes. Note that this article does not talk about the Weekly Boosted Heroes due to them being random.


The Raid can provide a number of Specter Crystals


  1. Tank


Due to the high damage of the boss, you can’t expect a whole lot from tanks. They may keep your damage dealers alive for a bit longer, but that’s usually about it.


However, there is a bit of an exception with Joan of Arc. Since her ult can dramatically increase the physical attack and defense of allies, she can actually increase the overall damage output of your team.


The current Raid meta is centered around physical attack-based damage dealers such as Jumong, and Joan of Arc’s ultimate skill is great for maximizing that damage. Of course, she definitely needs to last long enough to actually cast the skill; cooldown reduction items may help.


Joan of Arc’s presence in the Raid is purely for her ultimate skill


  1. Support


Most heroes don’t last long in the Raids, and this is especially true for supports. In truth, most players avoid having supports on their Raid team since they usually die before they can use their most useful skills; even Zhuge Liang and Cleopatra are not used often.


Cassandra may be the only viable support in the Raid because she can buff her allies’ attack damage just like Joan of Arc. She is paired mainly with Jumong to reduce his ultimate skill cooldown.


If Jumong is not geared well to lead the Raid team or Cassandra isn’t equipped to support him, it would be better to have another damage dealer rather than a support.


Cassandra is used to reduce Jumong’s ultimate skill cooldown


  1. Damage dealer


Unless they are fully geared, it is almost impossible for heroes to use all of their skills before they die in the Raid. In most cases, only 2 heroes live long enough to use their ults. Because of this, it’s best to avoid using heroes that rely mainly on their skills for damage.


Therefore, physical attack-based damage dealers are most favored in the Raids. Magic damage heroes are not preferred because they also rely on their skills for damage.


The most used and irreplaceable hero is Jumong. He has 2 skills - Divine Intervention and Thousand Arrows - that strengthen his auto attack. With Cassandra’s skill to reduce his ultimate skill cooldown, he becomes capable of decreasing almost the half of the boss HP all by himself.


On top of that, Taejo is considered another useful hero in the Raid. He is another physical attack-based ranger, his basic attack damage is quite significant; it reaches up to 400 at maximum level, and Jumong is 364. He makes a great synergy with heroes who increase the ally hero’s damage and decrease the enemy’s physical defense, and is therefore used as often as Jumong.


In fact, the Raid is almost a battle between Jumong and the boss


Fighters usually align with a tank and deal damage, thus they are not that recommended as they die often to the boss’s AoE damage to the tank.


However, some of them are used to either maximize Jumong’s damage or increase Joan of Arc’s survivability. Xiang Yu and Sun Wukong are the good examples. Xiang Yu’s Overlord Roar decreases the boss’s physical damage by up to 55%, and Sun Wukong’s Nimbus decreases the boss’s physical defense by 30%.


Starting with Joan of Arc, Cassandra, and Jumong, the remaining spots should be filled with Sun Wukong, Xiang Yu, and Taejo for the best Raid lineup. You can also consider Hercules at the very end of the game.


Xiang Yu in the Raid is almost a fighter who serves as a tank


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