Overwatch Contenders: Week 1 highlights and what to watch during Week 2

What an amazing first week of Season 2 Overwatch Contenders! We had huge upsets, new faces, and the return of an original veteran, Talespin. We had some of the best matches in Overwatch Contenders, and there are more to come in week 2. Come and check out the best matches of week 1 and matches you don’t want to miss in week 2.

Probably the biggest upsets of the week were the British Hurricane vs. Young & Beautiful. What seemed like it would be an absolute stomp by the Hurricane turned out to be a Y&B’s victory against Season 1 champions. There was not a lot of hope for Young & Beautiful as they lost two of their key players, Tseini (inactive) and Shadder2K (transferred to Team Gigantti). However, their replacements Dids and MATTH have been playing exceptionally well.

MATTH’s Hanzo, especially on King’s Row, has been a great joy to watch. He has been consistently outperforming both of the DPS in Hurricanes and mainly the reason why Young & Beautiful was able to take their first victory. Dids, also, carried his own weight and assisted his team into victory. Don’t miss out on the first upset of Season 2.

You can check out the match here.

By far the best match this week was between GC Busan Wave vs. MVP Space. Both teams coming straight from the Korean Trials have been showing that even the bottom tier teams in Korea could put on a quite a show. Even though many players of these two teams have been amazing, nothing was more memorable than the performances between Attune versus Edison."

Attune’s Widow performance single-handedly carried MVP Space to victory and Edison’s performance in control has been probably one of the best things in Overwatch for awhile. GC Busan Wave’s coordination is on par with some of the OWL teams and will show you something different from the usual “brawly” Contenders matches. If you want to tune into the match of week 1, this is definitely it.

You can check out the match here.

There was probably no bigger news this season than former OWL players joining Contenders. Big names, such as Woohyal and Rascal, joining NA Contenders teams excited many fans and they couldn’t wait until they saw their favorite players play again. This week, however, we were in for a treat as we got to see both teams brawling it out against each other in Week 1.

And it wasn’t a disappointment. Rascal showed his DPS mastery by switching and dominating with a variety of heroes in the first half of the series. Woohyal showed off his prowess with multiple self-destruct kills and his ability to work with Tizi to secure fights. If you missed these former OWL players, don’t miss out on this match.

You can check out the match here.

In Week 2, GC Busan Wave will be put to the test and we will see how they will perform against one of the top teams in Korea. They have performed well against MVP Space, but MVP Space is also a trial team, so it is not certain if GC Busan Wave could perform equally well against stronger teams. However, MVP looks much improved compared to Season 1 and this could potentially be a good match.

With Seven hoarding some of the best players in all of Overwatch Contenders, it will be pretty tough for GC Busan Wave to crack. For Seven, be on the lookout for players like Bazzi, Ttuba, eVo, and Revenge who are all OWL-ready players.

Team EnVy is back! By buying Envision’s spot last week, they are back in one of the major Overwatch tournaments. This is big news for a lot of reasons. First of all, EnVyUs, one of the original Overwatch pro teams is back in the game, along with its original member, Talespin that had previously left the team. His debut might have been shaky at first, but he put up a pretty solid performance throughout the game considering that he has not played since 2016. It will be amazing to see how he will perform against stronger teams.

And XL2 is no joke. They are currently looking like one of the strongest team in NA with their new additions. They were already an incredible team and they have also beaten EnVision before, so Team EnVy might have some difficulty this week.

Korean Contenders Season 1 champions will face-off against the fan favorites Runaway this week and it’s going to be good for 2 reasons. First of all, both teams have a set of new DPS that have not seen a lot of play in Contenders yet. For X-6 Gaming, Order from WGS Lauriel Nine will be joining the team; and Hooreg from London Spitfire and SeoMinSoo, a member of RX Foxes, will be joining Runaway.

It’s going to be an epic battle between the two teams. Hopefully, Runaway will be able to put up a better fight after they were embarrassingly outclassed by BQB’s Sombra and GodsB’s godlike aiming.

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