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Guide to Efficient Daily Routine in Returners


There are several ways to enjoy playing a game with lots of content like Returners, but in order to maximize your rewards, you should have an efficient routine to follow.

It is difficult to scale up in a short time in Returners; you will have a better gaming experience by playing it steadily and efficiently, which means you should make a daily routine of what you have to do in-game.

There is a list of daily missions you can do every day in Returners; you can receive 50 Bluestones once you complete 5 daily missions, and 100 if you complete 13. Ideally, you will complete 13 daily missions every day, and there is often an efficient order that will help maximize your rewards.

So, here is a guide to help you complete daily missions with the most speed and efficiency!



■ Getting Freebies: Shop, Friendship Points, Guild Attendance, Altars

The first thing you should do when you login is to get all the daily freebies. There are a few places you need to check along with the login & attendance rewards.

The first place you need to visit is the shop. You can get a free Rare draw every 24 hours from the daily free gear draw. If you have enough Friendship Points or Enhance Material draw tickets, then use them up to draw Normal gear, which will complete some daily missions.

Afterward, you can obtain extra Energy by sending Friendship Points. The guild attendance rewards should also never be missed out on; if you are part of a guild that has more than 10 members active every day, you will be able to get a 5-Star enhance material every day. Get guild attendance rewards by joining an active guild.

Lastly, you need to visit the Altar for Altar rewards. The period of time you can receive rewards are different for each Altar so you should visit this place more than twice a day. The EXP book is given out between 9 AM and 2 PM, Energy between 12 PM and 6 PM, and enhance material between 6 PM and 12 AM.*


▲ The daily free gear draw will reset 24 hours after you made your previous free draw,  so it is best to draw each at a fixed time every day.


▲ Always check the time you can receive Altar rewards.



■ Completing Daily Missions: Checking out the League Schedule and Managing League Team

*The League always starts at 10 AM every day and is open for the whole week. Those who like to play Returners while they are commuting in the morning should check out the League schedule for the day after they are done getting daily freebies. Check the League schedule for today and the next day, and manage your League team.

Even if it is the same league, there could be big or small gaps between the CP of your and your enemy’s team. If the gap is extreme, then you shouldn’t worry about that match; however, if the gap is around 3,000-4,000 CP, then the match result could be reversed depending on which Tactic Cards you use. Do not forget to change Tactic Cards based on the League schedule after you have managed your League team composition.

After the League matches are finished, remember to get the match rewards after 8 PM. Actually, you don’t have to check the match results every day, and can instead get the rewards at any time during the week. However, the daily missions include ‘View League replay 1 time’ and ‘View 1 game result through Tactic Card settings’ so it is better to visit the League and view League results and replay once every day.


▲ Set the Tactic Cards, and view results & replay at least one match every day.


▲ By doing so, you can finish 2 daily missions.


■ Using Energy in Order: Managing Adventure Team, Special Dungeons

It is best to manage your Adventure team after you are done managing the League team; it is better to go for the Adventure stages after playing the Special Dungeons since both Adventure and the Special Dungeons consumes your Energy.

There are daily missions for all 5 Special Dungeons (clear 1 time a day), so make sure you clear each of them at least once a day. If you need skill upgrade materials, rune bits, or enhance materials, feel free to visit them again, but always make sure you clear them once daily.


▲ Clear the Special Dungeons once every day!


Afterward, manage your Adventure team. It is best to make the most out of the event buffs by placing heroes that need leveling in your Adventure team and using automatic grinding (via Infinite Continuous Battle) during the event period. If you can clear further Adventure stages with more CP, then clear as many stages as you can before using the Infinite Continuous Battle feature.

If you want to save your energy for the event period, then go for the Specter Chase and Arena instead. You get a reset ticket for Specter Chase every day so clear the 1st floor by resetting it once a day for daily missions.

In the case of Arena, it may be difficult to win once you get to a certain point, but you should still fight 3 battles every day for daily missions.


▲ Go through the Specter Chase using the reset ticket at least once a day; you can use heroes you sent out to Exploration for Specter Chase.



■ Hero Enhancement: Using Exp Books, Gear Enhancement, Exploration

If you have made it this far, then you would have likely finished most of the 13 daily missions you have aimed for. At this point, you can use 10 enhance materials and 3 EXP books to complete additional daily missions; all that’s left after that is Exploration.

The reason Exploration should come last in your daily routine is because the heroes you send out for Exploration cannot be used for either the League or Adventure. Thus you should leave out the heroes you are going to use for League, Tournament, and Adventure when sending your heroes out for Exploration.

Through Exploration, you can obtain hero EXP as well as items that are hard to obtain like Soul, Specter Crystals, skill upgrade materials, etc. so send all heroes you can spare out to explore.


▲ Exploration allows you to receive all kinds of rewards. This is why you need to level up as many heroes as you can for Exploration.


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