[Source] 100 Thieves Will Release An Official Announcement Regarding Meteos At 9 am PST July 2nd.

From a very close source in 100 Thieves, it was revealed that 100 Thieves will release an official announcement regarding Meteos at around 9 am (PST) on July 2nd.

On the 1st of July through his official Twitter, Meteos posted "I'm not interested in playing in academy. Not sure what I'm going to be doing going forward". Towards this, people are in non-stop complaint. After a few hours, the following Tweet was deleted.

In relation to this, a source article by akshonesports clarified that Meteos will be going to FlyQuest and AnDa to 100 Thieves. In addition, ESPN has also explained that Ssumday and AnDa will be the starting top-jungle for 100 Thieves after Rift Rivals.

Although the fans of 100 Thieves are exploding in curiosity in regards to the trade, 100 Thieves have yet to make an official announcement. According to a very close source in 100 Thieves, 100 Thieves have claimed that they will make an official announcement about the situation at around 9 am PST (Monday).

While not performing bad to any standards, 100 Thieves is currently tied for 1st place. Furthermore, since Meteos showed incredible performances as both jungle and support, fans are even more suspicious and unhappy about the trade. Whether the trade is real and what the true reason behind the trade is, fans are paying very close attention to the inevitable release of 100 Thieves’ official announcement.

For more background information click here to read about pr0lly talking about the roster changes hours before Meteos' tweet.

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