[Source Confirmed] C9 Reapered: "Jensen-Smoothie will be on the LCS roster this week... Keith-Zeyzal to Academy"

On the 29th of June, C9 Reapered has confirmed with Inven Global that Jensen and Smoothie will be put back into the NA LCS roster. The previous bot lane of Keith and Zeyzal will be transferred back over to the Academy team.

In addition, Reapered has explained that the reasoning behind the roster changes is "We are recruiting players who are better suited to the current meta.".


Although Keith and Zeyzal debuted in place of Sneaky and Smoothie, Keith and Zeyzal were unable to yield favorable results. Due to Cloud9 scoring a 1-3 in the first 2 weeks of the Summer Split, it seemed prevalent that changes had to be made.

However, to a strange array, Jensen is a mid laner. Because C9 has used Goldenglue as their starting mid laner for this split, there would be a natural overlap within positions for Jensen and Goldenglue. To address this, Reapered clarified by saying "Depending on the situation, both Jensen and Goldenglue can fill mid and bottom roles."

Administering yet another change, will Cloud9 be able to make back for their relatively weak start to the split? On top of all this, fans are in wonder of how Jensen/Goldenglue’s presence will be in the bot lane.

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