OpTic Arrow Responds To Doublelift's Diss Towards NA ADCs: "I just want to say...It is up to you, man!"

OpTic Gaming’s start to the Summer Split was not bad by any means. Scoring 2-2, OpTic, currently, has a 50% win rate. Compared to last split’s 5 wins 13 losses, it is an incredible score.

In a combination of Arrow’s eye-catching performance and POE’s explosive carry, OpTic was able to enhance their overall performance. Thanks to Arrow’s smooth start to the split, he was able to remain confident. Explaining that qualifying for playoffs is very possible, Arrow also clarified that he is even thinking about the possibility of Worlds.

In addition, Arrow responded, without filter, to Doublelift’s trash talk towards the NA LCS ADCs. After week 2’s game, Inven Global conducted an interview with Arrow.

¤ The meta has changed, Was it difficult to adapt?

At first, I thought to myself “What are you even talking about?” as I was in disbelief that Marksman champions would not be used anymore. When I tested them out, apart from a few Marksmen, I realized they were really unplayable. I tried my best to adapt by practicing a variety of champions.

Due to the new meta, I looked to other regions for more information. For me, it seemed EU was playing Heimerdinger and the LCK was frequently using the gold funneling strat. I am giving it my all to keep up with everything.

¤ There were many games in which Kai’Sa jungle dominated. In week 2’s game, POE played Kai’Sa jungle. Do you have any plans of playing her in the jungle?

Ever since, I have always loved and done well on Kai’Sa. Despite this, POE is surprisingly good at a multitude of champions. Since POE is amazing good on Kai’Sa, I doubt I ever need to play her. In addition, the gold funneling strat requires mid-jungle synergy. The synergy between mid-jungle right now is insane. They trust each other. Also, because I have better knowledge of the bot lane, I believe there really is no need for us to switch.

¤ Echo Fox played Irelia mid with Sejuani jungle for the gold funneling strat. It was the first one of its kind. Weren’t you scared?

Since we can’t look at Sejuani’s Summoner Spells in the draft, we could only be confused and say “What the hell is that?”. Looking at the loading screen, it was a gold funneling strat for Huni. It was a lot of fun. Due to us being known for picking a lot of ADCs, I’m assumed that they tried to counter us. Going into the game, I just told my team to be wary of the timing when they are strong. We came to the conclusion that we would never be able to win early game fights.

¤ Isn’t it more beneficial to have Irelia just go mid and have a strong jungler? What are your thoughts on Echo Fox’s team comp?

I also thought that they were going to put Irelia mid. Initially, I assumed that they were planning a strong all in lv 6. But, it turned out to be a gold funneling strat. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking (laughs). I would assume that their practice with it went well.

¤ Aphromoo has said that veterans have a much easier time coping with the meta compared to that of beginners. What are your thoughts on this?

In general, that is correct. However, I think it all depends on the individual. Within pro players, there are players who easily give their roles away and some are more strict. In regards to new pro players, they play a variety of roles. If a player has good game sense, that player will welcome the meta with open arms.

¤ Recently, Rekkles has benched himself. He came to the conclusion that Marksman was not needed in the meta. Is Marksman that bad?

I’m not too sure if he had to go to that length. I am a little reluctant. I believe that Ezreal and Lucian are still playable. Maybe it is a difference in how we think.

But, if the mid laner already plays ADC as an off-role in solo q, it might not be such a bad idea. This will mean his understanding of the bot lane is decent. Granted, there is probably not that many players with the knowledge of other lanes. In particular, I’m not too sure on how many of the top tier players have that level of understanding of other lanes.

¤ Do you have any future plans in using bruisers or AP casters? In addition, what strategy are you focusing on with your team?

I am in the process of practicing a variety of champions. Through solo q, I got to realize how good Swain is. The pull is extremely broken. In regards to the team, we are planning on implementing different gold funneling strategies.

¤ From a couple of players, we have heard that OpTic’s scrims are very impressive.

We are definitely practicing more seriously compared to last split. We tend to give strong feedback. We are trying not to make basic mistakes. Since everyone is giving it their best, our scrim results have been favorable.

¤ How well do you predict doing this split?

As long as I do well, I believe we can make it to playoffs. The whole team just needs to focus on the basics. We don’t necessarily make mistakes in the draft or inside the game, but it is unacceptable to lose because of a lack of basics. Otherwise, there is no meaning in practice. If we brush the basics a bit more, I can see us placing at least 3rd in playoffs or outright winning it.

¤ What is your personal goal for this season?

I would be nice to win and qualify for Worlds. But because it is not an easy task by any means, we need to first stack the points needed to participate in the Worlds gauntlet.

While laning is important, we are planning to focus more on team fighting. I want to get better at shot-calling in detail. For example, communications such as "If you get caught, you’ll die", "Don’t stick next to me", or "If I get hit by this skill, Tahm Kench me.".

¤ Are you currently the leader for the team?

I’m not necessarily a leader, but I do speak out when there is an important call to be made.

¤ Recently, Doublelift trash talked NA ADCs. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ll admit that Chinese and Korean ADCs are extremely talented. However, NA has a lot of solid bot lanes too. For example, CG’s bot lane has very impressive players. Because we have players like them, I don’t agree NA is that far behind.

Oh, there is this one thing. While in Korea, I had a rough time in solo q. There were a lot of ADCs that made me say “Wow, he is good.”. Despite this, in regards to team play, NA is not that far out of the court.

If Doublelift had trash talked with the mindset of his skills dropping due to the NA ADCs, I just want to say...It is up to you, man!. If you were supposed to drop in skill by practicing against NA ADCs, the players that go to Korea from NA should all play badly. But, Fly is doing well right now and Huni did well when he went to Korea.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I want to thank the fans who have always supported me. I really want to show a good performance this split. Look forward to it.


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