GEN Ambition: "Since it’s a ‘Worlds champions’ skin, I wanted to reflect my personal self on it."

On June 27th (KST), Gen.G defeated bbq Olivers 2:1 on the 2018 LCK Summer split. Although he didn’t manage to win game 2, Ambition still showed a concrete performance with his Sejuani in game 1 and won his first game for the Summer split.


The following is the interview with Ambition.

Q. The team defeated bbq 2:1. How do you feel?

It was tougher than I thought. It’s a relief that we won.


Q. It was your first victory in this split.

I was more confident in our last match against kt. However, it was frustrating that we lost. Still, I’m happy since I was able to get my first victory [for the split].


Q. What are your thoughts on the champions that are used in the current meta?

The champions that are used these days go well with me. That’s why I feel comfortable. However, it felt bad since I wasn’t able to show good performance in official matches.


Q. How would you rate your performance for today?

Well, we were ganked a lot. Still, those ganks were predictable. I think we have to make clear calls on those situations from now on. Also, today, I should have encouraged the team more. I wasn’t able to make use of my chances as well.


Q. Going into the split, the team performed well. However, GEN seems like they are rather underperforming these days. What do you think is the reason for it?

We were really good going into the split, but I think that we were just too satisfied with it. At then, while we were focusing on the basics, the team still managed to find good champions [for the meta]. However, now the other teams are already on the same level so our next matches will be tough.


Q. Gen.G will go against Jin Air Greenwings and Afreeca Freecs this week. What are your predictions?

Although their standings currently look quite different, the 2 teams work really hard. I can’t even pick a single underperforming player. I’ll prepare well; I’d like to make it up by playing well.


Q. Your Worlds skin has been revealed. Do you like it?

I didn’t like the previous version of it. However, the new version changed its hairstyle and shoulders; I really like it. Since it’s a ‘Worlds champions’ skin, I wanted to reflect my personal self on it. Well, I think they did succeed in doing that.


Q. PraY said that he’d like to see the veterans perform well. Is it hard to compete with younger pro players?

I want to thank PraY for saying that. Well, I’m not that pressured about my age. I think that performing well in LoL isn’t just about being young, but more about how much you practice. I can see a lot of experienced players perform well. Still, it is tough for me since the competition is getting more intense by the year. Even the teams that have not managed to win, practice more than 10 hours a day. I hope that people recognize their hard work.


Well, it’s not about age but I just simply don’t like to hear that I’m performing badly. I’m practicing more compared to last year and I’d like to show the same amount of performance I managed to show in last year’s Worlds.


Q. Any last remarks?

I want to thank my wife. Also, if I get the chance next time, I’ll try my best to show better performance.

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