League of Legends

[Cartoon] "Our goal is to win Worlds!" Griffin, a Big Meteor Fallen to LCK


Today's editorial cartoon is about Griffin, a Korean team that suddenly qualified for the LCK, and proceeded to take down every existing team, one by one.

Although the team had just recently qualified, Griffin asserted that their goal is to win the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. In the beginning, the fans didn't think too much of it, "this new team is full of vigor!" they would say. But now, Griffin has proven themselves more than capable, and are now standing at the top of the LCK leaderboard.

One by one, Griffin took down the "traditional" teams of the LCK, and they're climbing ever closer to their goal. Is there anyone who can possibly put an end to their ceaseless march? A storm has hit the LCK, and it has mesmerized fans worldwide.


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