[KR Reactions] (SKT vs KT, KZ vs GRF) "That was the most beautiful teamfight I’ve ever seen in the history of League of Legends."

※ kt Rolster vs SKT T1

- Game 1 -

▶ SKT’s comp is pretty good. What happened?
└ It doesn’t seem good since they’re playing it.
└ Kindred! I haven’t seen that for a while.
└ Why isn’t Wolf playing?
└└ Isn’t Effort better?
(Effort dies at 2 mins)

▶ Why is Effort keep on dying?
└ The ‘Effort’ for the team.
└ Why isn’t he putting in ‘Effort’ to live?
└ Because he’s trying to have Wolf subbed in by playing really bad.
└ Wolf gets flamed too much so Effort’s trying to prove why Wolf should play.

▶ SKT is horrible. They beat Jin Air because they’re worse. SKT’s pretty much the same against KT.
└ It’s quite visible that the prowess is nowhere close.
└ What’s the pause for?
└└ “The status of my teammates are weird.”
└ Faker’s popping like a minion.
└└ Finion! LOL

▶ An anticipated result. A Thal one-man team.
└ Now they don’t even seem sad walking out of the booth. It’s like they knew that they’ll lose.
└ All walking out to get flamed.
└ Effort and Blank is taking all the s*** that would have gone to the other players.
└ I can’t believe this team is going to the Rift Rivals.


- Game 2 -

▶ I’m not sure if Deft has a poker face or if he has no emotions…
└ ㅡㅅㅡ
└ -ㅅ-
└ ㅡㅅㅡ

▶ How does Morgana Pyke work at bot?
└ Bang: I’ll show you how Morgana should be played.
└ What’s that picks & bans aimed at?
└ I’ve never seen SKT winning with an adventurous draft.
└└ But they can’t win with a traditional pick either.

▶ Even if SKT plays well, even if they take lead in global gold, why do I think they’ll lose?
└ I don’t know when it started, but it’s hard to think that SKT will win now.
└└ Only two years ago, it was hard to think that SKT will lose.
└└ I think that’s when LCK started to be no fun.
└ But this time, it seems like SKT will win?

▶ Beating KT was good for SKT, really.
└ Bang: Now do you see how Morgana should be played?
└ Effort: Doesn’t it seem like Pyke is better?
└ Faker is smiling again… T_T

- Game 3 -

▶ Mid Aatrox??
└ The adventurous mid lane Aatrox…
└ Coach kkOma, wh.. what?
└ Aaaand Faker is now playing Aatrox.
└ The ‘new’ champion played by Faker…

▶ They’re doing well… Is KT sick today?
└ It’s hard getting used to what I’m watching.
└ Why are they suddenly so good?
└ KT doesn’t have enough CC and Gangplank picked the wrong rune against Vladimir.

▶ Effort: This is how Pyke should be played.
└ Good boy Effort. You should have played Pyke from before!
└ Why did you play Morgana…
└ So the problem was Wolf..?
└ Seems like SKT will get their second win.

▶ Morgana dealt the most damage in SKT.
└ Bang found a new talent…
└ Let’s play ‘happy LoL’ by playing Morgana.
└ Faker Aatrox… He’s awesome.
└ He’s good at practically everything.
└└ Up to last week, it seemed like quite the opposite.
└└ Vladimir?

▶ A critical game for KT.
└ Yeah, they lost to SKT. It’s the same as losing to bbq or Jin Air.
└ Faker is smiling again… T_T


※ Kingzone DragonX vs Griffin

- Game 1 -

▶ This is a finals preview.
└ Let’s go Griffin! Make a sensation in LoL!
└ Is damage Morgana a raising hot pick? Griffin is doing the same!
└ Could it be they’re copying SKT’s comp after watching it once?

▶ (Irelia gets triple kill) Wow…. Chovy…
└ It’s real! They’re good against KZ!
└ This might be the new generation…
└ I was wondering if they’ll do well up to week 1, but they’re really good.
└ They haven’t lost yet this year, except for a few sets.

▶ Sword is really good.
└ God Michelin.
└ Are they really beating KZ??
└ They might get to Worlds in the first year they reached the LCK.

▶ I thought Khan told Sword to wash his neck and wait.
└ He’s getting his neck washed instead. LoL
└ God Michelin >>> Khan.
└ They’re really good. It feels like SKT of 2015.
└ What bothers me the most is that this team isn’t going to Rift Rivals.

▶ Being really good is one thing, but they’re matches are extremely fun!
└ Yes, this is the team that we were waiting for. A new hero team.
└ I thought they won’t be able to compete against KZ, but little did I know.
└ I think this is the first time I’ve seen people say “They’re so good” more than they’re saying “They suck.” in the Twitch chat.
└ I’ve never seen KZ being pushed around this much.

▶ That was an awesome match.
└ I thought that SKT was pretty good in the previous match, but after watching this, it just looks like a school arts festival.
└ They just smashed the defending champions…
└ They’re keeping cool even after beating KZ. Awesome

- Game 2 -


▶ This is the game that counts. If Griffin dominates Kingzone in this game, they’re going to be the REAL strongest team.
└ I’m hoping they will, but I don’t think it’ll be easy.
└ Let’s go Griffin!
└ I want to see them play against the best team in the world, RNG.
└ Chovy and Bdd traded champions.

▶ Shouldn’t the national team members be changed?
└ I just thought that Asian Games could be the reason Griffin is so good.
└└ What?
└└└ The other teams had to cope with the Asian Games schedule.
└└└└ I don’t think so.

▶ They’re too good. There’s nothing else to say.
└ Kingzone seems to have lost face because they lost so badly in Game 1.
└ Why was this team in Challengers?
└ How is that even possible?

▶ Logically thinking, is it really possible for a team that used to be in a lower league smash the defending champions?
└ I’m watching it, and I don’t know what’s happening.
└ Sword is… Awesome.
└ He looks more handsome.
└ Handsome guy, God Michelin!

▶ (Teamfight at 24 mins) What just happened in that teamfight?
└ That was the most beautiful teamfight I’ve ever seen in the history of League of Legends.
└ I’m watching it again, and I still don’t understand what happened.
└ How did that get backfired for Kingzone?

▶ I thought Griffin just got lucky in Game 1, but now that I see it, it’s pure prowess. They dominated Kingzone twice in a row.
└ It was an awesome match.
└ The new greatest team in LCK.
└ I think I’m becoming a fan of theirs.
└└ Starting today, I’m a Griffin fan too.
└ I just looked it up, Griffin is 22 wins - 0 losses in 2018.

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