Mata: "Score has a lot of experience, so he doesn't need any guidance from us. As for Rush, we have to constantly pay attention to him and guide him."

On the 23rd of June, KT Rolster defeated Gen.G Esports with a score of 2-0.

KT marches on with their winning streak, unfazed by whatever GEN threw at them. In game 1, Mata displayed stellar performance on Rakan, consistently engaging on the enemy. In game 2, Score fully read the enemy Braum-Kai'Sa movement in the jungle, limiting Kai'Sa's gold income as much as possible.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of today's series, Mata and Score, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

Score, please say hello to your fans!

Score: Hello, I'm KT Rolster's jungler, Score.

Can you tell us why you played today in place of Rush? Was there a specific strategical reason?

Score: This week, I had surgery, so I wasn't supposed to play at all. However, the head coach told me that I should give it a try, so I practiced yesterday for today's match. 

Mata, is playing with Score a lot more reliable than Rush?

Mata: Score has a lot of experience, so he doesn't need any guidance from us. As for Rush, we have to constantly pay attention to him and guide him. As a matter of fact, even Deft has to care for him. Since we have to pay close attention to Rush, sometimes we aren't able to fully focus on our own plays.

In terms of tactics, it feels like KT had prepared a lot of new ones for today. You guys picked Sejuani, and we witnessed an ADC vs. ADC matchup in the botlane.

Score: Gen.G prefers ADC compositions. Deft is also really great on ADC champions, so we decided to go with the traditional matchup. We were confident that we'd win.

Watching Score playing Sejuani, and ADC champions seeing play... it feels like the old traditional compositions are making a comeback. What do you think?

Score: The most popular junglers at the moment are Nocturne and Camille. Aside from comparing Sejuani to those two junglers, she isn't bad at all. It feels like she is being overlooked -- not because of her nerfs, but because she's boring to play. (Laughs) I expect her to see more play as we move forward with the tournament. 

In game 1, Mata made many stellar engages. At the fight near the infernal dragon, did you engage anticipating the enemy's next move?

Mata: I knew that there would be an opening for me if Score tanks the enemy aggression. So I just went in according to the situation. 

However, your engage at that time wasn't too clean. Were you worried at all?

Mata: During feedback... we realized that we had to win that fight flawlessly, but our Yasuo trolled...

Yasuo seems like an unstable champion. Sometimes he shines even when you're behind, but at other times, it feels like he can't exert any pressure at all.

Mata: I don't find him unstable. He was a solid addition to our team composition, so I had faith in that. 

In game 2, the enemy drafted a Kai'Sa composition, which is one of the most popular ones at the moment. 

Score: Our head coach actually put Kai'Sa into consideration while prepping since yesterday, because she is so prominent in the current meta. When we saw the Lulu in picks & bans, the head coach actually anticipated a Kai'Sa comp. 

Throughout game 2, it felt like your team was avoiding big teamfights. It felt like you guys were playing without taking any risks. Did your team really fear that Kai'Sa comp? 

Score: Actually, a lot of teams haven't had a lot of practice against the Kai'Sa-Braum composition, so we decided to play a lot more carefully, to prevent a possible upset from happening. 

Your team really pressured Kai'Sa; preventing her from effectively farming in the midlane. Ucal utilized the Minion Demateralizer to hard-push the lane, and Score predicted the enemy's jungle path and set up a path of his own to counter it. Were you prepared to play against this comp?

Score: Rush is actually very knowledgeable on these types of matchups, so I received a lot of help from him. This was especially the case because I just came back from the Asian Games. He helped me catch up to the current meta. 

Mata, how was today's match? It feels like KT's botlane is getting back to form.

Mata: During practice, we found a lot of new strengths within our playstyle, so we started playing around them. I think that's how we were able to display great performance today. 

Can you give us your last words for the fans?

Mata: We had lost to many top teams and had made poor results in the recent days, so we'll have to prepare more. We'll do our best to show better performance. Thank you.

Score: Since there could be fans that are worried about me... the surgery that I had wasn't a really serious one, so please don't worry! Also, we'll continue to improve so that KT Rolster can become a top contender in the LCK again. 

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