[KR Reactions] LCK Day 10 SKT T1 vs Griffin: "Please... 'Griffin'dor! Not 'SKT'lytherin!!!"

Before match reactions

So, today could be the last day for the defeated team?

ㄴTo someone, it’s going to be the end of the world, and for the winners… It’s going to be so sweet.

ㄴ If Chovy manages to win against Faker, it’s going to be the start of a new era for sure.

ㄴ If SKT loses this match, a lot of their fans will leave.

ㄴ It’s a matchup against ‘100%’ teams. One side has won every single match and the other one, um.... If you believe that that the latter will win, you’re definitely an SKT fan.


The odds of SKT winning vs the odds of the Korean national team defeating Mexico in the World Cup…

ㄴ Well, it’s hard to tell since both is on 0 percent.


It’s not going to game 3 will it? I shouldn’t order fried chicken right?

ㄴYo, you’re still going to eat all it before a game is over. Just order.



Game 1

Wow look at SKT’s stats.

ㄴEverything is on 10th place… But at least, they’re 1st place on average deaths. It’s like Korea’s OECD data; the team is on 1st place only on negative datas.

ㄴWell, Griffin is actually on a 20 game winning streak if you count their 2nd division wins.

ㄴYep, it’s clear that SKT is the challenger for today.


Blank’s very first successful gank throughout the Spring and Summer split! Congrats!

ㄴ Wow, he’s better than the Korea national soccer team!


What? How is SKT doing so well?

ㄴ If Griffin manages to win this one, they’ll probably never going to lose against any other team.

ㄴ The official results for the Asian Games qualifiers is announced. That’s why Faker is so better.

ㄴFaker is back from China!


Sangyoon should be the only player that can use Kai’Sa.

ㄴMarksmen totally forgot how to use traditional ADCs.



What!? Viper’s Kai’Sa is back on track!

ㄴ And Faker is now back in China!

ㄴ Viper is crazy. Now he’ll get recognition from the whole world.

ㄴ Well, it might be only on his Kai’Sa pick.


“Teamfight = Griffin” Man, I got the shivers.

ㄴWell, it might be different if the ‘real’ starting lineup for SKT performs. Let the ‘rookies’ rest.  

ㄴ Lol. You naughty bastard.



▲???: Don't count your chickens yet, SKT.



Game 2

Master Yi - Taric comp! Man, Griffin is ready for everything...

ㄴ From this day on I’ve been changed to a Griffin fan. It’s so hard to watch SKT’s performing.

▲ ???:  Yo, Top! Swap please!


Mid Jax? Is he out of his mind?

ㄴUm… Top are you there? You are not going to swap?

ㄴI’m afraid that Thal refused to swap. He probably have seen Faker’s Vladimir win rate...


Oh my… SKT. You guys are heading to the promotion match.

ㄴI shouldn’t have had expectations..

ㄴMan, I thought that they’d win after watching early-game game 1.

ㄴThey are so out of shape that now I feel sympathy for them.

ㄴ It’s just like CJ getting demoted. So alike.


Wolf! What is up with you!?

ㄴ I heard that Wolf was on a 40°C fever. Lol. Okay, Let’s not go too far.

ㄴ Is this the Fantastic Four?


SKT needs a decision.  

ㄴ 1. Let’s wait until the players recover their performance. 2. Rebuild. Use the new players. Let them perform… Well, to think of the match against MVP, the new players seem to be better performing right now.

ㄴ “The Decision”? LeBron?


The guys promoted from the 2nd division, Griffin is currently dominating the 1st division.

ㄴ Which team would be the first to defeat Griffin?

ㄴ I think Kingzone counters their playstyle.

ㄴ Why are the commentators just shouting on SKT… Yo guys, “Griffin!” should be the word.


Well, SKT T1 won the Worlds, LCK and the MSI. They’re now getting ready to go for a long journey for their brand new... Challengers Korea trophy.


Faker. How about going to Gen.G?

ㄴ Imagine how clean it would be… A 270 million dollar paid player doing the dishes.

notes: Rumors say that Faker gets paid approximately 270 million dollars (300 billion Korean won) an year.


A team can underperform. At least there were times when SKT fans were satisfied… Let’s go KT… I’m about to burst into tears...


▲ ???: You guys are our next opponent!


▲???: They should have performed like this last year...
▲???: I understand you Faker. If the team sucks, nothing matters.
▲ "Please... 'Griffin'dor! Not 'SKT'lytherin...!"

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